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ICYMI: Robot Journalism, Word Invention, and You…Literally


If you’re looking for both thought-provoking and smile-inducing content from across the web, you’ve come to the right place. We’re pleased to present our second installment of In Case You Missed It, where we’ll be sharing a compilation of largely writing-oriented material for your enjoyment (with the occasional turtle tossed in). 

► Last week, Slate gave us an intriguing look at “robots” that are programmed to write news stories. While the software in question is quite good at presenting the raw facts in news briefs (and can even do it in a snarky tone), what it lacks is the nuance of human storytelling—which is why this type of automated writing won’t be replacing us anytime soon. 

► Have you ever found yourself explaining “not this weekend, but the weekend after” to a friend when making plans? The ambiguity of “next weekend” is now a thing of the past with oxt, a made-up word with a mission: to spare you that struggle forever. Seeing as words like phablet and bootylicious have made it into the dictionary, we can accept a new word that’s actually pragmatic, right? 

► Speaking of you (yes, you), we absolutely love this piece from the New York Times on the power of “you." As cheeky as it is piercing, the article viscerally and inescapably engages the reader with its use of the second person, which we are more than apt to employ ourselves in our effort to make copywriting for humans. You probably already knew that, though. 

► We highly recommend this short video that brings New Yorker cartoons to life. Not only are the comics just as hilarious portrayed by actors as they are on paper, it’s also refreshing to see different interpretations of the same material through unique mediums. 

► Lastly, we leave you with touching footage of a turtle seemingly thanking the diver who freed him from the tangles of a net. It’s a simple yet sobering reminder of our impact on wildlife, both good and bad. Plus, we’d promised you a turtle. 

Keep on the lookout for upcoming editions of #ICYMI!

#WordsWeLove: The Joys of Summer & Breaking $1 Billion

Welcome to the second installment of #WordsWeLove, where we shine a spotlight on copywriting that wins our hearts, stimulates our minds, and puts a smile on our faces. 

The Joys of Summer

Spotted on a Hudson Grace store in Marin County, this gorgeous copy elegantly plays out the simple pleasures of summer. Although not their original content--the phrase can be spotted across the internet--it's strategically on-brand for this chic home décor store and entrancing for anyone passing by. 

In case you can’t make it out in the photo above, the copy reads:


Hair gets lighter.
Skin gets darker.
Water gets warmer.
Drinks get colder.
Music gets louder.
Nights get longer.
Life gets better. 

Breaking $1 Billion (Almost) 

We recently stumbled across Bisnow, a commercial real estate e-pub for the DC area and became mesmerized by their writing style. 

Playful, smart, and hilarious, their content grabs your attention, conveys their message, and injects some serious personality to a typically buttoned-up industry. 

Check out their hysterical achievements listed on their entertaining About page. The "long walks on the beach" is an awesome touch, too. 

Stay tuned for the next installment of #WordsWeLove! 

It’s late. You’ve been roaming around New York City searching for a simple dessert, and nothing yet has caught your eye. Desperately tweeting north on Mulberry, you hang right on Spring Street when BAM: there it is. The sweetheart of all food. Rice pudding. 

You've stumbled on Rice to Riches, a dessert oasis decked with neon lights, futuristic tables, and…copy? 

That’s right. Rice To Riches has lured in another fashionista with a declaration we can proudly unite behind, above.

Being sassed by pudding feels good. Lining the walls are mini-campaigns. They're sort of the anti-infographic: pithy, data-less tributes to fat, fat-free, Hollywood, the plumber's crack, and anything else that whipped, cream-laden rice might stick to. Boundaries aren't abundant, but feistiness is. To wit: “KISS MY FAT FREE ASS!!!” is illustrated by the not-so-fat-free ass in question, below. 

Irony is a hallmark, too. Looking around, I see others--as likely careful about their diets as this meat-free, veggie-loving, mostly gluten-free blogger--choosing this as their weekly indulgence. "It's okay!" "There's love in pudding." "You're in great company--look around!" these signs proclaim. Awesome content strategy, no? Effectiveness is in the calories (and stop counting!). 

I had the Cheesecake (medium), and stole a bite of my friend's Rocky Road. Now I'm all set...til next week!