Some of Our Recent Work...

Boston Mortgage Globe: Real Estate Copywriting

Synopsis Boston mortgage lender Phil Ganz was renovating his website, and needed powerful copy that would clearly explain his commitment...

Personal (P2B) Marketing For A Sales Consultant

Synopsis An accomplished technology sales rep wanted to start representing start-up technology companies, while keeping his day job. Co...

San Antonio Broker Services: Business (B2B) Copywriting

Synopsis San Antonio Broker Services founder Michael Miqueli wanted a clean new website with clearly positioned copy emphasizing his com...

Luxe Finds: Beauty and Fashion Copywriting

Synopsis Esteemed tastemaker and Pinterest curator Phyllis Cheung sought to broaden her personal brand a shopping concierge for affordab...

Digs Realty: Real Estate Copywriting

Synopsis Digs Realty, Dan Gotlieb s innovative real estate company, was relaunching a slick new website and needed fresh copy to match. ...

RedJack (Network Cybersecurity Company)

Synopsis RedJack, an elite team of cybersecurity professionals, had almost exclusively catered to major government agencies. Now that the...

SQL Professionals (Database Administrator Consultancy): Technology Copywriting

Synopsis The team of database administrators (DBAs) at Remote Database Services needed to rebrand. After it secured a sexier name (SQL Pr...

Financial Planning Firm: Financial Copywriting

Synopsis A young New York City financial planning firm was gearing up for a big marketing push: a new website, a fresh brochure, and a di...

Choices in Childbirth: Nonprofit Copywriting

Synopsis The U.S. has an astronomical rate of surgical intervention for childbirth. Even more surprisingly, it has some of the worst mot...

Samantha Wolpert Organizing: Professional Organizing Copywriting

Synopsis Professional organizer Samantha Wolpert brings elegance and structure to homes, offices, and more. Her organizational systems a...


Tell me more about MarketSmiths...
A copywriting agency? That's awesome! What unifies your work?

A fervent devotion to crafting content that captivates. If it’s got words, we can tackle it. Whether your content is for customers, clients, employees, the masses, or esoteric insiders, we’ll strategize and execute it with our trademark verve.

What’s more, when you hire MarketSmiths, you don't hire one particular writer. You get a copywriting team.


Isn’t writing a solo craft? How do you do it as a team?


  • Your lead writer is your closest point of contact, going to school on you, shopping your brain for the creamy layer that informs effective copy.
  • An editor helps clarify and deepen strategy, then works behind the scenes to fortify credibility, facilitate momentum, and encourage action.
  • Occasionally, we’ll ask a supporting writer to offer outside perspective.

And if this sounds haphazard, it’s not. All writers work in concert toward absorption, penetration, and effectiveness. The results are impressively seamless.

How do you assign your copywriters? What criteria do you use to ensure that my writer is appropriate for my project?

We determine whether the copywriter: a) can channel the right voice for your company, and b) embodies sufficient format expertise for this project. Subject matter comes into play, but it’s not decisive.

Think of us as mechanics. We don’t specialize in a model or make…we just master our craft, and give each job fresh, true perspective. 

Why “Copywriting for Humans”?

Even before the Google algorithms began rewarding organic, engaging, high-quality content, we'd coined this slogan. We're proud of its recognition of two things:

  1. You want your copy to draw search engine algorithms–and it should. But those bots aren't acting on search results: people are.
  2. You want your copy to fit in with your industry. But generic, bland, tedious language doesn't change minds.  

Our writing leverages logic, visualization, empathy, and delight. In doing so, it stands in sharp contrast to old school SEO keyword-stuffed copy (devoid of substance), jargon-filled copy (thick and nonsensical), tedious legalese (redundant, exhaustive), and academic writing (freakishly dense). Today, SEO copywriting is copywriting for humans, and we can proudly say we were there first.

What’s special about this Content Strategy Session (CSS)?

Your MarketSmiths engagement always begins with the lively and organic conversation we call a Content Strategy Session (CSS)—and not a questionnaire. Rather than a straight exchange of information, our CSS is designed to give your copywriters flashes of insight into your business—elevating your content beyond basic reporting (the kind of stuff anyone can do).

In mining for insights rather than information, the final copy becomes resonant and moving. Take a look!

How do you choose your writers?

As they say, content is king—and never more true than today. But talent is the difference between content that sinks and content that soars, and we never forget it. That’s why at MarketSmiths, we recruit based on raw talent. We look for whether new writers:

  • Are able to express vividly, leveraging soul v. words
  • Have a knack for enterprise, in all its delicious nuances
  • Can efficiently structure pages, paragraphs, sentences
  • Have an absence of bad habits

If you're interested, write to, and ask for a copy of our writer's test. We'll send you instructions, and away you go!

Words are words are words. Right?
With a quarter of a million words in English, what makes your writers qualified to pick and choose? Is there mind reading involved?

Sort of! As with any craft, the more you do it, the sharper you get. Our copywriters have spent 80 cumulative years building up to your copy project. We’ve produced hardcore conversions for over 400 clients, and counting. We know how to engage the reader’s brain, build logic, add charm, smooth rough edges, and—most importantly—cut.

Do you write more than website copy and blogs?

Yes! Let's take this in turn.

For businesses, our most popular product offering–beyond website copy–is a blog subscription. Done right, these educate and titillate, and—over time—can rocket you to the very top of Google. Beyond that, we've got a host of offerings that include video scripts, employee handbooks, press kits, investor decks, sales decks and proposals, emails and newsletters, white papers, business plans, product descriptions, Facebook home pages, taglines, recruitment materials, company LinkedIn profiles, training manuals, and print collateral (brochures, postcards, one-sheets).

For individuals, we do a one-two-three punch of personal copywriting that includes LinkedIn profiles, bios, and resumes. We even write speeches, edit books, and doctor up your digital identity (dating profile, anyone?).

How do you maintain exceptional quality through so many copywriting formats, voices, and subject matters?

Subject matter expertise is actually our least important concern. It provides some comfort level—especially in more technical B2B industries—but the last thing our clients want is a writer who’s entrenched in stale industry presumptions, jargon, and clichés. Instead, we look to the writer’s talent, voice, and format expertise. 

When working with so many different businesses, how do you stay inspired?

Learning about a new business is always exciting. But what inspires us more is the challenge of creation. Our writers and I are hunting for an "aha!" moment—or ten. When we hit them, our brains light up like asteroids in a video game. 

  • Sometimes, we get it with the initial consultation, as with a tech startup that you know is going to be a hit.
  • Sometimes, it doesn’t happen until 1:50 into a two-hour interview.

But it always happens. After that, the copy becomes a beautiful afterthought.

Do you do any Search-Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Absolutely. We know very well that if they can’t find your content, they won’t find you. So we’ll gladly incorporate keywords.

On the other hand, we’re thrilled the keyword-stuffing days of SEO are over. Search engine algorithms—Google's especially—keep getting refined, and they’re getting better and better at avoiding tech tricks. As such, well-crafted copy is good SEO, abiding by relevance, value, sharing, and engagement.

And once they’ve found you, then what? Will they read you, and remember you? That’s where we really make you shine. Our copy is effortlessly readable and deliciously actionable. Give your readers what they want and make a real impact.

As copywriters, do you do any media or public relations (PR) work?

We'll be happy to help you shape a barebones media strategy—then write elements of a media kit (press release, fact sheet, bios) and/or ghostwritten pitches to targeted editors and journalists. Leveraging tone, powerful word choice, and our extensive knowledge of how media works, we will do our best to create lasting buzz. We can also distribute your press release or media kit via PR Newswire.

We don't perform full PR, which involves a comprehensive media strategy, press outreach, and event planning. We have incredible PR partners who do this work, and are happy to team up with them!

My cousin is a (fill-in-the-blank) English major/essay king/intern. Why can't she do my company's copywriting?

One of our clients said it best. "I've worked with English majors before on copy, and they were too green to do what we needed."

Just because someone's got a way with words is no guarantee they'll be able to choose the right ones, and forge them into an inspired, inspiring, and tangible composition. The difference is twofold:

  • Has this person ever tackled this format before (i.e. a case study, website, article, PowerPoint presentation, etc.)? If not, she won't necessarily know how to get her content to slice cleanly into the reader's thought process, or make the most memorable exit. 
  • Does this writer have a true yen for business? If not, then her writing might make the style cut, but fall short on strategy and relevant substance.
I Want To Hire You. How Does It Work?
I want to hire you. How does it work?

Great! Fill out our contact form with a specific description of your copy needs, interests, and timelines. We'll respond within a few hours, or at most one business day. Assuming we can help, we’ll suggest a time and date for a phone call. Once we have a complete idea of your needs, we'll send you a customized proposal with clear descriptions and itemized prices.

How do you price your copywriting projects?

We price by project, customizing our fees against factors that include format, value, length (wordcount), complexity of intake, and revisions/iterations. We spell out our pricing clearly and concisely, so you know what to expect and when. If you'd like to know if our copywriting services are in line with your budget, send us an email at

If I’ve already written my copy or content, can you just edit it?

Well…yes. But we'd discourage it. 9 times out of 10, we scrap existing copy, and start from scratch.

Most clients are just too close to their business to write effectively about it. That's why self-authored copy often lacks pep, perspective, and power.

If you have a start, send it to us. We'll mine it for any nuggets of information, and then mine your (live) brain for the rest. 

If you don't, then by all means save yourself the struggle. You can turn the job over to hired experts, and end up with a product that's 8,000% better--without moving a (typing) muscle.

Do you use questionnaires?

Rarely. Questionnaires are great for our partners: branding, strategic, interactive, digital, and web agencies. But they rarely serve a copywriter’s needs. What makes copy really pop is the deliciousness of human narration and discovery. We can’t think of a better way to reach that than through a juicy, organic conversation. 99% of the time, we interview you. It’s often astonishingly fun—and you might learn a thing (or five) about your company’s market positioning.

We often send customized questions prior to our Content Strategy Session (CSS). These are designed for you to mull over—not email back. Through the natural flow and improvisation of an organic conversation, we’ll discover impromptu insights that elevate your copy to a whole new level. 

If you ghost-write my blog, who generates the topics? Who does the research?

In short, both. As studious sleuths and creative thinkers, we’re more than happy to research and craft topics for you. We’re also flexible; sometimes, clients want that level of control, or prefer to provide source material and topics. Sometimes, it depends on the level of thought leadership involved. We explore all of this through our initial blog strategy session. 

How do I know my copy will be what I envisioned?

The short answer? You don’t. We can’t guarantee that we’ll deliver exactly what you imagined. That said, we will deliver our most effective, reader-focused, and memorable words. 

Additionally, you can browse through our portfolio, and check out our overwhelming rate of satisfaction.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, you can pay us via any major credit card. We also take checks.