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user_page_thumbA champion of high-end content, Jean Tang lives in tribute to words that sizzle, snap, and gleam. In 2010, at the inaugural TEDx Gramercy, she declared a war against tepid, corporate copy. The visionary founder of MarketSmiths, Jean leads her growing team to inspire, delight, and dazzle readers—on behalf of clients worldwide.

Jean’s writing draws liberally from her background as a hotel, food, and lifestyle writer for The New York TimesNew York MagazineT+L, and other publications. She weaves dazzling imagery against razor-sharp precision, and sets it to a rhythm that’s pleasing to the brain. A veritable ‘word photographer,’ Jean grasps the mundane or abstract—and brings it to vivid life.

In 2007, Jean saw the need for copywriting for humans: bite-sized, seductive, and jargon-free. She enlisted other writers and launched MarketSmiths, a creative copywriting agency dedicated to replacing generic content with the careful strategy of words.

Early in her career, Jean learned to bulletproof documents, wield effective logic, and persuade; of limitless comfort to compliance-minded clients—particularly in finance and healthcare—Jean graduated cum laude from The University of San Diego School of Law, and spent a brief stint as a lawyer (real estate). A piano prodigy and pre-college graduate of The Juilliard School, Jean earned her undergrad degree in business from Cornell. In her off hours, she takes brisk walks through Brooklyn, buffs up her French, and practices salsa with boyfriend Asher.

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