Some of Our Recent Work...

NYFU: Functional Furniture

Synopsis The brilliant minds behind NYFU already created an amazing line of products: functional furniture that captures NYC s style, so...

Internationally Recognized Shoe Brand: Product Description Copywriting

Synopsis Famous for comfort, this Northeastern-born brand rolled out over 300 new and updated styles this year. Copywriting Challenge W...

La Voila Beauty: Slick Sheet

Synopsis For commercial and private clients, La Voila Beauty delivers flawless looks and luxury service in equal measures. Copywriting ...

Preo: Mobile App Tagline

Synopsis Preo is a powerful mobile app that lets you order your favorite drinks without waiting in line to flag down the bartender. A...

Bodha RR: Sober Living Copy

Synopsis By cultivating solid structure and a welcoming community, Bodha Recovery Residences helps residents bridge the gap to a sober l...

IT House: Development & Design Agency

Synopsis IT House is a digital development agency that rises above its Latvian peers. While redesigning its own website, IT House r...

Ghostwritten Article for Huffington Post

Synopsis Our client is a powerhouse in the financial industry, with a penchant for putting forth big-brushed, bold ideas. When one of th...

Springpoint: Partners in School Design

Synopsis In a daring departure from charter school fever, Springpoint helps school districts to design and launch innovative new high sc...

Op-Ed Article in Finance Journal

Synopsis Our client is an influential investor in financial institutions, and a thought leader in the investment industry. He was approa...

Emblem IP: Website & Legal Copywriting

Synopsis Attorney Nadia Munoz is a startup superhero. Her new intellectual property law firm is made to meet the needs of startups and e...

Website Copywriting

Logos, schmogos. We love ‘em, but that’s not all there is to your brand and your reputation. Don’t forget your message, your attitude, your tone, and your word choice. In short: Message Branding.

We poke our noses (& brains) into the contours ‘n corners of your business, then help you get or stay online: the right way.

Web Content Strategy

Is your website bringing in leads? Closing business? Or is it confusing, boring, and unmemorable?

It takes 2.6 seconds for readers to reach a value judgment on your website. In 2.6 seconds, they know if their thumbs point up or down on you and your whole setup. It takes longer to burn milk.

We look at hundreds of websites. We know what works and what doesn’t—down to the buttons and tabs. We study your site—and make actionable recommendations regarding menus, headings, pages, content frequency. We’ll even find you the ideal web designer or developer—for what you want, need, and are committed to paying.

Website Copy

In 2.6 seconds, the verdict is in. They actually know whether to stay and browse—or get out of Dodge.

That’s where a delightful story comes in handy. One that sucks ‘em in. No matter what industry you’re in.

At MarketSmiths, that’s what we do. We’re the Dyson of copywriting.

  • We strategize your content, balancing what you need—while tossing all deadweight overboard.
  • We handle fact gathering like the crack reporters we are. 
  • We raise your web presence by telling the real story. 
  • We approach your project with confidence, and without ego.

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