How a Great LinkedIn Profile Pays Off

Small changes can lead to big rewards. Founder Jean Tang discusses how she reaped the benefits of a revamped LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn profile content

4 weeks ago, I mentioned that I rewrote my LinkedIn profile, maximizing our keywords and completing all sections. As a copywriter, I’m thrilled to report all the ways this has paid off.

Here are the stats:

1. As of today, I’m connected with 767 people on LinkedIn (October 2012 update: over 1,000 people). About 250 of them approached me after I rewrote my profile: that’s 250 people in four weeks. Soon, I expect to be numerically on par with the 1,254 personal contacts I have on Facebook. It’s not bragging: when it comes to sales and marketing, this really IS a numbers game.

2. Case in point: 3 people from my 2nd and 3rd tiers–those are people I don’t know–have reached out to me to ask about our copywriting services. Two of the three have hired us, and one of those is a very big copywriting project. I’ve also been in touch with a few MarketSmiths copywriting leads from months past. So the visibility of the profile has produced results.

3. Best of all, if you’re one of thousands in my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tier of LinkedIn contacts, then punch in the search term “copywriter,” and see who appears as no. 1. Me. Yes, I’m the no. 1 copywriter out of over 87,000 search results. And I’m not willing to give up that position anytime soon.

Now I’m working on producing the same result for MarketSmiths, so that my copywriters can craft great content everywhere it’s needed.

And I hope to be doing the same for you, whether you’re a start-up entrepreneur, or the managing director of a Fortune 500 company. Check out our LinkedIn profile services, see if your profile measures up, and if it doesn’t, drop me a line at!

Jean Tang

Jean Tang

A champion of high-end content, Jean is a living tribute to copywriting for humans. In 2012, at a TEDx talk, she declared her now widely viewed “War Against Bland.” The visionary founder of MarketSmiths, Jean leads her growing team to captivate, inspire, and motivate readers. She has helped thousands of global clients generate revenue from words (up to 12,000% ROI), and transformed the writing of hundreds of seminar attendees at the SXSW Interactive Festival (2014 and 2015), SXSW V2V (2014), the Small Business Summit (2014, NYC), and other venues.

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