You Might As Well Not Write It (Or: What Can A Great Blog Do?)

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Business owners. Marketing departments. Agencies. All can be guilty of the SEO blog: that driven NOT by the desire to ignite and educate, but the need to rank high on Google, driving inbound leads. The sad result is periodic content authored by $10 writers and targeted not at humans—but at algorithms.

Without thought leadership or novelty, an SEO blog gets shared once or twice on social media—usually by the company that penned it. We at MarketSmiths are a little more old-fashioned in our approach to ghost-blogging. Here’s what we think:

  1. Blogging consistently strengthens your knowledge base—and drives branding. Nothing injects energy into your business quicker than a continual mandate for fresh angles.
  2. Your blog engages readership. Write a post with substance and flair—and watch it get passed around. Be strategic, and you’ll find that quality trumps quantity.
  3. It establishes you (author, team, business) as a distinct authority. Rupture the mold, and you’ll blow past intelligence into the stratosphere of thought leadership. Who doesn’t want that?!
  4. It delivers takeaway value by illuminating a crisp principle, idea, or action. When you deliver this value to your audience, you’re reinforcing it for yourself (see no. 1). Voila! Branding, through and through.
  5. Through natural context and SEO keywords, it implants relevance for search engines like Google, building rank through readership, frequency, and punch.

Trust us: an SEO blog—or one that rambles, recapitulates, replays—hones in on no. 5, and nothing more. Save your ten bucks. Do it smart, hire a worthy writer, or don’t do it at all.

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Gregory Lewis

A winsome wordsmith, Gregory M. Lewis loves nothing better than absorbing new information and crystallizing it into clear, captivating copy. Greg brings his incisive insight and easy-going approach to every project. In his free time, the Chicago native can be spotted at Nets games, art galleries, and local concerts in Brooklyn.

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