3 Tips to Make Financial Copywriting Less Boring

Buckle your seatbelt. Hold onto your chair. Ready for a wild ride?

Whether you work in the world of finance or not, chances are you’re not expecting that the above applies to stochastic modeling, credit default swaps, or dividend recapitalization. With great respect for our clients in finance, these topics aren’t the pinnacle of absorption.

Accountants, banking execs, investment advisors, wealth managers, and financial service providers are all great at what they do. But turning that into effective writing that persuades, engages, and delights? Not so much.

Here are three simple tips to take your financial copywriting from snooze-inducing to heart-racing.

1. Don’t Get Too Technical

It’s easy to get caught up in the finer details of your craft—don’t.

Yes, clients want to know that you know your stuff, but what they really care about is the end result. Consider how an outsider would understand your work; state it plainly and tell them why it matters. Focus more on the benefits to your clients, less on the mechanics of your process.

2. Tie It Back to Human Values

Boiled down to the bare essentials, chances are good that your ultimate selling proposition is that you help clients save money or make money.

Generate revenue, increase profits, improve the bottom line… yes, yes, yes, but that all falls flat. Clients have heard it time and time again. To create captivating copy, tie it back to what really matters.

Money isn’t just money—it’s freedom, power, peace of mind, more time with the kids, that vacation you’ve been daydreaming about for years. Translate financial gain into an emotional impact.

3. Be a Partner

You’re not a robot; your company isn’t a machine. You’re living, breathing human beings, working together to help people achieve their heartfelt hopes and dreams.

Your clients crave more than your services—they want a relationship, a trusted partner who they can connect with, someone who’s got their back and is guiding them forward.

Finally, if you need a hand humanizing your financial content, we’re happy to help. It’d be our pleasure.

We are passionate about helping you, or anyone you know, improve their copy!

Image courtesy of Andrew Magill.

Daniel DiGriz directs marketing at MarketSmiths. He is a corporate storyteller and Digital Ecologist® at MadPipe and co-founder of Free Agent Source Inc. He is Creative Director and External CMO for a variety of firms.

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