Blogging 101: How to Create an Editorial Calendar

When your brain goes on vacation and your creativity runs dry, having the structure of an editorial calendar in place might just save the day. Here's how to make one.

editorial calendar

You’re looking at a blank page. Nah…it’s a blog! But for now, it’s a blank blog. Darn.

Your mind, unlike your empty doc, is swirling. A few parboiled ideas float to the pre-frontal cortex, only to drown in cerebrospinal muck. Your brain’s turning mutinous! What to do?

We at MarketSmiths recommend turning to structure. Structure has a way of making everything less scary by setting out vessels and letting your subconscious fill them. And don’t worry, your subconscious won’t let you down.

In the case of a business, you might want to design columns or departments, as in a magazine. Examples of “departments” for business blogging include:

  1. Expert Advice: Here’s your chance to answer client objections, or address principles or myths in your industry.
  2. Industry Commentary: Here’s where your thought leadership can shine. Give folks a glimpse of your counterintuitive wisdom, a helpful methodology that’s yours alone, something else fresh and thought-provoking. Then, get it out on your social media, and watch the tweets proliferate.
  3. Team Showcase: Write up regular employee features, with quotes, favorite projects, personal commentary, and more.
  4. Tips and Tricks: Present quick and easy tips for the DIYer in your field.
  5. Case Studies: Wrap these into current events to make them relevant and searchable.
  6. Current Trends: Commentary on current trends in your industry, or notable projects executed by the competition (both criticism and praise).
  7. Company Announcements: What better way to announce a new service or product line than in your company blog?

Before you commit to a category, think of a few examples to ensure it’s a viable concept. They’ll prove useful when it comes time to launch your blog.

Then, build a meaty list. Find connections to current events wherever possible—linking to trending articles will get your blog found faster and shared more.

Creating an editorial calendar takes little actual writing, but all of your creative juices. It’s worth the effort: the final product will provide direction, inspiration, and clarity when blogger’s block looms. Trust us—it will be a welcome reservoir the next time you’re staring at that blank page.

Jean Tang

Jean Tang

A champion of high-end content, Jean is a living tribute to copywriting for humans. In 2012, at a TEDx talk, she declared her now widely viewed “War Against Bland.” The visionary founder of MarketSmiths, Jean leads her growing team to captivate, inspire, and motivate readers. She has helped thousands of global clients generate revenue from words (up to 12,000% ROI), and transformed the writing of hundreds of seminar attendees at the SXSW Interactive Festival (2014 and 2015), SXSW V2V (2014), the Small Business Summit (2014, NYC), and other venues.

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