Copywriters Love Food: Home Cooking

I spent July 4th weekend cooking. On the menu: 4-hour spaghetti sauce (relaxing), 4-hour fruit potpourri (exhausting), newly uprooted salad, many griddled eggs, bratwurst (refashioned with apple sauerkraut), TWO cherry pies, pickled watermelon rinds, and…wait for it…cherrystone clams that my friend and I took from the sea. 

And so starts a new blog series for MarketSmiths: #CopywritersLoveFood. There’s little as sensual as the sizzle of crisping meat, a freshly flipped egg, or cherry halves simmering in their juices (that last thing did remind me a bit of Tilda Swinton’s toast in Only Lovers Left Alive). Nearly as good: the ability to relive it all through words.

As writers who believe in the power of show, food is our muse, and its commentary an indispensable part of our content toolkit. We’ll be covering it voraciously throughout the summer. #CopywritersLoveFood will feature images, menus (most in Brooklyn and SF), restaurant marketing foibles, personal vignettes, and more. We might celebrate Fitzgerald’s appetite and Hemingway’s thirst one day, and publish a restaurant website manifesto the next. Heck, we might even toss in recipes!!

Oh, if you’re curious about what goes in ‘fruit potpourri’ (my name), I got this recipe from my dear friend Etienne de Vadder. Basically: take any fruit except bananas, and chop it into tiny, tiny pieces (i.e. quartered blueberries, slivered raspberries, tiny squares of kiwi). Then squeeze an orange over it, mix in some dark brown sugar, and voila! A fresh compote that makes even the diminutive mom go in for thirds.

Gregory Lewis

Gregory Lewis

A winsome wordsmith, Gregory M. Lewis loves nothing better than absorbing new information and crystallizing it into clear, captivating copy. Greg brings his incisive insight and easy-going approach to every project. In his free time, the Chicago native can be spotted at Nets games, art galleries, and local concerts in Brooklyn.

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