Hear TopSmith Jean Tang on EntrepreWired Podcast

MarketSmiths founder Jean Tang discusses the creation of her company, her writing process, and more on the podcast EntrepreWired.

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Thanks to Paul King for featuring our very own TopSmith and copy visionary Jean Tang on his EntrepreWired podcast.

For the uninitiated, EntrepreWired is a Vancouver-based podcast that taps the minds of successful entrepreneurs, diving deep into “the stories, the struggles, and the successes” to help those aspiring to achieve the same.

Over a delightful 40-minutes, Jean and Paul plumb the depths of Jean’s personal and professional journey, exploring the creation of MarketSmiths, the challenges of the writing process, and what it takes to be a thought leader in the industry.

Jean shares her reflections on the interview experience in our recent press release:

“I’m grateful to have benefitted—commercially and personally—from listening attentively to a long line of mentors,” says Ms. Tang. “So it was fun to have Paul turn the tables on me, and pick my brain on what I can impart.”

Click here to listen to the podcast at EntrepreWired.

Lucy Dotson

Lucy Dotson

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