How It Feels to Be #1 (What To Do When Your SEO Works)

It happened: search engine optimization has embraced the human touch. We celebrate the success of our campaigns—and the rewards we've won for our clients.

Marketing bullseye

I asked Jules Halperin, a new friend, to Google a few things. As a high quality copywriting team, MarketSmiths has been blogging 8-12 times a month, and between priceless advice by pals Techwood Consulting and my own ad hoc Googling, I was pretty sure we were at (or close to) no. 1 for a few crucial search terms. But I needed someone without my browsing history to find out.

“You’re no. 1,” he wrote the next day. Not for “copywriting services NYC,” but for “best copywriting services.”

I threw my cat in the air, which woke him up. Best?! We hit an SEO bullseye.

Once upon a time (back in 2011), I hated SEO. Every keyword stuffing, creativity stifling thread of it. That’s when I invented Copywriting for Humans. To heck with you machines. Algorithms might make some decisions, I thought. But people are the ones that buy.

Now, the game has changed. As our lauded CMO likes to say, SEO is dead (and we agree!). Well, the art and science of grasping and frankly, gaming the Google algorithm is still alive and well. But these days, that game is a content play.

Search engines are rewarding human content now. Google cares to know if people are reading, sharing, and interacting with your words, videos, images. The search engine understands organic language now, so your writing doesn’t need to bend over backwards to hit specific keywords–in fact, you might be penalized for doing so.

You knew that, maybe. But did you really know that? Did you know how to sneak up from behind your competitor, surprise him with a quick tickle to the ribs, and take away ALL his candy? Did you know that a blog isn’t just necessary, it can be painless, joyful, with swift, fist-pumping results?

We do. And we’re doing it for ourselves, and for a handful of smart business owners, some of whom are ranking no. 1. It’s nothing but a pleasure for them, a delight for us, and a boon to their rankings, their leads, and their business.

SEO doesn’t need to be a chore. A captivating blog isn’t only a brilliant way to express your brand, share your thoughts, and connect with customers—it’s also the perfect recipe for SEO success. Now you can have your cake (i.e. your delicious blog) and eat it, too.

Alexandra Machover

Alexandra Machover

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