5 Copywriting Tips for Addictive Content

Got a new marketing client and aren’t sure how to approach their audience? Or struggling to come up with new blog post ideas for a longtime patron whose clickthroughs have plateaued?

Most of the time, potential customers are lazing in front of the computer, looking for distractions. So give them what they want—fresh, inviting copywriting that both engages and provides solutions.

Easier said than done. How do actually you do that?

It might feel clumsy at first—like attempting a swan dive into a pool wearing a polar-bear suit. But you’ll get the hang of it. Here are some helpful copywriting tips for producing extraordinary website content using simple journalistic tricks.

1. How-To Posts

If you’re writing a blog for B2C audiences and offer a product or service, you can’t go wrong with a How-To post. New customers want to know what they can expect from your company, and subscribers may have questions about their existing service that you can satisfy with a simple 250-word article. Think small: Choose an easily solvable problem that can be remedied in 1-5 steps. For topic ideas, chat with customer service about the most frequent questions they receive or review existing blog comments.

2. Choose Details Over Sales Slogans

Don’t be the Crazy Eddie of website content: Buy my service!! Buy my product!! Because my prices are insaaaane!! Pushy sales pitches are off-putting and don’t tell consumers WHY they should try your service. Use details instead. Example: “Our Cheap Gas app finds and directs you to nearby stations with the lowest fuel prices on a clear, color-coded map. Keep 30% more cash in your wallet and save time and mileage too.”

3. Check Industry News Sites for Blog Content

Tell the reader something fresh and unexpected. Keep an eye out for interesting new trends, studies, and survey results in your industry by scanning online trade publications, the Pew Research Center website, and news aggregators like ScienceDaily.com. For instance, Chinese factory wages are rising. How does that affect your client’s B2B customers? New research shows crows can count, remember faces, and have the intelligence of 5-7 year old kids. Headline for human resources clients: Are Your Employees as Smart as the Common Crow? Trust your instincts. If it seems unusual or noteworthy to you, it most likely will appeal to readers, as well.

4. Avoid Jargon

Many times, clients insist on using industry jargon in website content because they secretly want to impress rivals or colleagues. This is understandable for B2B content, but B2C readers will typically only read about things they use and understand. Why say, “Vaccinate your child for pertussis” when you can say whooping cough instead? If you must use insider lingo, explain it in parentheses for new readers.

5. Vary Your Artwork

It’s a fact: readers love photos and graphics. Each month, try to pair at least one of the following with your blog post: infographic, video, animated gif, quiz, or survey. They’ll remember the experience and may even become an influencer for your brand.

Jackie Potts

Jackie Potts

An astute forecaster of trends and demographics, Jackie’s traffic-generating online pieces have drawn millions of hits. Jackie honed her snappy and sophisticated writing style as a news and entertainment reporter for The Miami Herald, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, and Entertainment Tonight (online). Her voice is strong and subtle. She’s authored first-person blogs for celebrities, and interviewed Forbes 100 CEOs. She’s experienced in entertainment, fashion, and health writing, and has a passion for finance and investing. Jackie resides in Los Angeles.

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