Jean Tang Speaks at Wix and Over Your Podcast Radio Waves


It’s a busy month for our founder, Jean Tang. As proficient in public speaking as she is at crafting compelling prose, she’s championed a movement for humanized, strategic copy on some of today’s most celebrated forums. She’s declared war on bland, corporate copy on the stage of TedEx, and taught an interactive copywriting course for professionals at SXSW. Now, she’s taking over your iTunes radio waves.

Tuning in to Entrepreneurship

Propheting the Profits is the radio child of Scott Margolin and Brian Califano, the two financial and business experts behind Accelerating CFO. Interviewing entrepreneurs and finance experts on topics from sales to technology and beyond, the two dive deep into what makes a successful entrepreneurial career. This week they’ll feature Jean as a co-host. She’ll discuss her own background and journey towards MarketSmiths, as well as offer advice to two small business owners.

Jean will appear in two other podcasts, and her ideas will be profiled in at least one major magazine, to be announced soon.

Speaking Out on Copy

This week, Jean will speak in front of the Wix community, a web development platform that allows companies to create a powerful online presence. They’re holding a copywriting event, at which Jean will continue to spread her word on human, engaging, and strategic copy.

We can’t wait for you to tune in!

Alison is an editor and blogger of all trades. She began her career by writing restaurant reviews and recipes as well as opinion pieces on college student life. After months exploring her wanderlust as a digital editorial and production intern at an award-winning travel journalism site, her creative mind and precise editing skills led her to become a master of short, snappy copy. She’s all about tone, and her honest and witty writing style can infuse personality into the dullest of topics.

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