Liberating Web Content: When to Release the Reins and Let Your Copywriter Take Over

March 21, 2013 - Words of Wisdom on the Open Road

It could be that your company is a leader in your realm. You might be widely ad-mired and eagerly sought after for your services, thought leadership, products, and expertise.

And that would be grand. But if your website doesn’t tell that story, people who’ve not heard of you before will never know the difference. And the time would then be ripe to do the previously unthinkable: trust strangers, third party copywriters like us, to toot your horn, trust in our expertise, and let go of the reins so that your company can shine.

Web Content That’s Too Close to Home

Have you ever told a story one way, and then heard your friend relay the same story—in a way you didn’t recognize as coming from the same set of facts? It’s the same thing with copy. When you’re not an objective source, you can easily inject personal emotion, internal jargon, and a tendency to start from the middle or worse: the end.

Your company copy needs to be hyper-mindful of its audience. If you’re a big consumer products brand—or a household healthcare name—you can make a few assumptions. If you’re not, then you must presume the reader has never heard of you before.

Your copy also needs to open minds and hearts—not shut them down.

Working with a third party of professional copywriters starts both sides off at the base level. Hiring non-objective professionals to communicate your story allows you to write for your public—rather than from your own inevitable tunnel vision.

Copywriting Is A Long Term Investment

Tedious, non-strategic web content looms large in the business sector—and it can be extremely costly to your business.

The issue? Website copy is still, tragically, an afterthought. We’ve seen this in action: enterprise companies select their agencies, and the twain plot away for weeks and months, without a thought to copy until the site is nearly ready to launch. Surprise!!

The big surprise is really how effective copy can actually be. A grabby headline. Engaging openers. The ability to communicate—in but an instant—what your value proposition is. The discarding of stale, generic ideas in favor of differentia-tors that actually set you apart.

When working with a team of vetted copywriters, you get potent talking points and powerful pillars of conversion that stay strong for years to come. A cohesive, crystal clear, and strategic story communicates your value—and leaves a lasting impression.

Let Go of Your Copy. Focus On Your Business.

If you’re not outsourcing copy (or don’t have a professional copywriter on staff), who is writing it? Is it you or a staff member, stealing five minutes of free time to write a hasty blurb? It may fill the page—but it’s not getting the meticulous atten-tion and careful strategy it needs to do its job effectively.

Letting go of content creation frees up time to focus on the day-to-day tasks that make your business exceptional. And don’t worry—polished copywriters are ea-ger and ready to tell the world about your company—using methods that stick.

Delegating the task to a professional team of copywriters brings your content to a magnetizing level. And the relationship is quite simple. We seize attention to sur-pass competition. You power on to greatness.

All it takes is a little trust—and a willingness to let go.

When Kate isn’t writing copy, she can be found reading about it. She seeks to improve her craft everyday and sees a mosaic in the most basic of word formations. After teaching English abroad in Tokyo and Prague, and a five year stint at a burgeoning company in New York, she recently moved to Los Angeles to dive headlong into full-time copywriting. Her new life adventures exist just beyond the cursor. Kate writes health promotions, marketing articles, print ads and also helps with brand messaging for startups. Writing on the editorial side in years prior, Kate’s graduation into business copy has given her a fresh grasp on the influence of words and saying a lot with little. Her puns are always intended and wordplay is consistently appreciated.

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