A Hot Season for Copywriting

As the summer fades away, we reflect on the clients whose projects we adored. Here's a quick rundown of what we worked on this season.

Hot season for copywriting services

As the summer (reluctantly) fades away, we’re reflecting on the past season here at MarketSmiths. As always, our day to day has been fascinating, with incredible projects and dozens of clients whose services and products we seriously adore. This post is written with gratitude toward all of the clients and referral partners that have contributed to our busy summer—and to the amazing team of writers that tackle their projects so competently and intensely every week.


Partnering With Enterprises

As a start-up ourselves, we have a sweet spot for our kin: sprouting creative companies with visionary ideas. As we’ve grown, we’ve also embraced the potential for serving larger enterprise-level businesses.

Case in point: After a successful year as a content partner to one of the world’s most well-respected textbook publishers, we happily expanded our scope of work. I head up a team of five writers supplementing our client’s internal writing staff to deliver textbook back covers and product descriptions for distribution all over the world.  It’s a lot of fun—and allows us to write about topics as diverse as Business Communication and Criminal Law in Texas.

In the pleasure camp, we had the great good fortune to write for Madison Square Garden. We’re not permitted to reveal the project, but we can say that our copy will contribute to a satisfying evening out for sports fans.

Summer also brought us Acelity, a San Antonio-based corporation that’s doing eye-popping, cutting edge work in regenerative medicine. We staffed a portion of their website content project with a star team: Jean Tang to oversee strategy, Han Gwon-Lung to be our technical lead and copywriter, and me as project lead and copywriter.

Rounding things up in the healthcare copywriting space, CRF Health creates innovative technologies to facilitate clinical trials. We spent a few months producing strategic copywriting services, led by the great Greg Lewis. When the new site launches, it should make a serious splash.

Providing a Seamless Resource for Agencies

Agencies love copywriters. But they know as well as we do that a truly strategic copywriter is hard to come by. That’s one of the reasons they like to lean on us—that and the promise that we’ll always have a vetted copywriter at the ready. Plus, our 35-point Quality Control Process—somewhat of our secret sauce—ensures writing that’s high-quality and consistent.

This summer, we’ve had the pleasure of forging strategic relationships with several NY Metro area agencies (and one in St. Louis)—from web design to branding. We can’t name them—but we can take our hats off to their overall magnificence, and our pleasure in teaming up.

Our agency projects ranged from website copy for community colleges, to copywriting an online menu for a family-owned Italian restaurant chain. We’d like to thank our agency friends for recognizing a good collaboration—and taking steps to make it happen.

Small Businesses that Inspire

As for our small biz clients, we’ve still got your back. This summer brought us a flurry of new ventures. A few of our favorites: an accounting firm with an inspiring vision for social justicea strategic event planner with astonishing creativity, and a revolutionary financial app changing the way millennials invest.

Congrats to all of our MarketSmiths writers who craft strategic and creative words every day. And clients, thanks for making our days full and our talents worthy for you all.

Alison Weissbrot

Alison Weissbrot

Alison is an editor and blogger of all trades. She began her career by writing restaurant reviews and recipes as well as opinion pieces on college student life. After months exploring her wanderlust as a digital editorial and production intern at an award-winning travel journalism site, her creative mind and precise editing skills led her to become a master of short, snappy copy. She’s all about tone, and her honest and witty writing style can infuse personality into the dullest of topics.

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