No Hurt Feelings: Relaunch Website Copy, Kindly

If you're too in love with your copy, you can fail to meet your clients where they are. If so, try a content relaunch to align your brand with customer needs.


You’ve poured all your time into building a business, sacrificing your nights and weekends to growing a vision all your own. You took out loans and became an entrepreneur. You watched sales rise and plateau and, finally, you took that leap of faith: you hired outside content help.

Then, they told you to consider a content relaunch. To you, that meant “your voice is all wrong.” Excuse me?!  This is MY business!!

First, take a step back. We know your vision is your baby—and trusting an outsider with it is as scary as hiring a stranger as your child’s babysitter. But you sought outside help for a reason: you want words that attract, inspire, and convert.

It’s tough to let go of your current copy. But a content relaunch opens the doors to countless possibilities for your business: namely, a jolt of rejuvenation that attracts new clients and converts into sales.

We know it’s your business. But it’s our business to write those right winning words—kindly, and without stepping on any toes.

Talk to Your Audience

Is your website copy all about you? Then you’re bound to bore in seconds. The most engaging content is written from the perspective of your audience. The most actionable content speaks directly to them.

If you’re finding that your copy drones on and on (“We’re a company in New York dedicated to our services…blah, blah, blah”), it’s time to step it up. Talking directly to your reader—because yes, there are two eyes and a brain on the other end of your screen—is a highly appealing technique. If you aren’t seeing it in your website copy, it might be time to consider a content relaunch.

Unify Your Voice

A unified tone created a unified brand. This applies to the tone of your content.

Is there a disconnect between your long form and short form content? If you’re tweeting snark but the blog is buttoned-up, you might be confusing your readers. A content relaunch can align your platform to create a cohesive voice for all of your marketing mediums.

Become a Clean, Streamlined Machine

Click on any website, and you’ll see the overwhelming trend is towards clean, straightforward design. Copy is no different.

If you’re finding that your website copy is long winded, meandering, and repetitive, a content relaunch is something to consider. A professional can craft the concise, clear words you need to maximize the power of your sleek new design.

The idea of a content relaunch can be scary. But remember that we copywriters will do so kindly. We won’t blindly rewrite your messaging as if we know best. We don’t know best. But we can get inside your head to refine and reposition your brilliant ideas in a way that’s enticing, action-spurring, and profitable.

Nichole LeFebvre

Nichole LeFebvre

After a quick stint on a French dairy farm, Nichole realized she preferred pencils to pitch forks and has been writing and editing ever since. With five years in the publishing industry — editing everything from music history textbooks to literary fiction — Nichole has honed her ear for vivid storytelling and eye for well-crafted words. Her fiction and essays can be found in The L Magazine, The Toast, Gigantic Sequins, Necessary Fiction, and and she’s edited client writing for The New York Times, HuffPo, MORE Magazine, and Poets & Writers.

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