Why Your B2B Copywriting Sucks — And How to Make It Better

Let’s get straight to it. The biggest mistake businesses (and copywriters) make in B2B is they forget they’re writing for humans.

Good B2B copy doesn’t target messages to a fuzzy notion of “other businesses”. It’s a conversation between business people (who, incidentally, are just like regular people).

Exactly like in B2C, your website prospects are trying to make a decision. The only difference is it’s a business one, not personal. But whether browsing for their next vendor or next vacation, they’re still human. And they still make decisions based on emotion.

Good copy speaks to the human reader—no matter if B2B or B2C. So, at its essence, the approach is the same. Here’s what you do:

  1. Grab their attention straight off the bat with a compelling reason to read on
  2. Make them stick around with valuable content that helps them achieve their goals
  3. Drive the message home with a strong call-to-action that inspires mutually beneficial action

You keep that slippery slide slick from headline to CTA with the same oil: powerful words that are easy-to-read, memorable, and actionable.

Problems arise when businesses believe corporate types value dry words that mimic business reports. Devoid of passion, imagery, or story, the only emotion these words provoke is frustration.

Don’t bore your prospects off your website. Capture attention and win more customers with your web copy by injecting it with these 3 elements:

An enchanting story  

People are people—whether in a boardroom or at a bar, dressed in suits or wearing slacks. Our brains crave entertainment, especially when shifting through overly corporate copy to make a crucial business decision.

A story hooks readers in and lets them feel what it’d be like to use your product or service. Charm them with a story and you’ll be the provider that sticks in their mind.

A unique voice  

While we tend to equate voice with B2C brands, it’s still vital for B2B.

In a crowded marketplace (and what market isn’t crowded nowadays?), voice gives your brand that extra oomph to stand out. It distinguishes you from your competitors and helps prospects remember you when making a final decision.

Voice has the power to make your corporate brand more human, too.

People want to buy from other people, not a faceless brand. A unique voice gives your business personality—one that’s likeable enough to make people want to reach for their credit card.

A bulletproof strategy  

Good copy is strategic—no matter who the audience. You could be targeting Fortune 500 companies or football fans—no matter; your copy must still fit with your overall business strategy. And your on-page strategy as well.

Be merciless when editing. Ensure each word drives the strategy forward, coaxing the reader to scroll down to the call-to-action, then giving them that extra boost to take action.

Speak to the pros

When writing your own B2B copy, forget everything you think you know about writing for business. Look beyond the job titles to the people who carry them and your copy will feel more natural and engaging.

Striking the right balance between corporate and casual takes practice and patience. Want to get it right first time? Hire the pros.

A native Brit, Charlie comes to MarketSmiths by way of Paris, Montreal, and Sydney.

She’s written for both B2B and B2C clients while on the content teams for global brands, digital agencies, and as a freelancer. She loves nothing better than crafting captivating copy for clients. Her experience ranges from blog posts to news articles to landing pages, with a focus on nonprofits, travel, and tech.

When not writing, she’s usually following her own foodie tour round NYC, kickboxing, or planning her next weekend trip out the city.

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