How to Build a Business on Powerful Words

You know it, we know it: words are powerful. These successful businesses got their website copy just right.

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Words are powerful. They can inspire political movements, create new worlds in literature, and in website copy they drive sales and boost ROI.

But the power of words extends far off the page. You’d be surprised where honed writing skills can take you. Some talented wordsmiths have launched new careers and expanded into fresh domains off the back of their writing—founding wildly successful businesses.

Here’s a glance at our favorite picks.


Food writer turned entrepreneur, Amanda Hesser left her job as food editor for The New York Times to co-found Food52, an online community for foodies and cooks.

Back in 2009, with the online food landscape dominated by old-fashioned push media, Amanda saw an opportunity. Food52 has since grown from a basic recipe website to a full-blown culinary empire, with an app, a line of cookbooks, and a podcast.

The site has a loyal brand following of engaged home chefs, and their copywriting plays a big part in nurturing this community. No doubt drawing on Amanda’s knowledge of how to captivate with words, Food52’s website copy appeals perfectly to its target audience: sophisticated foodies, and discerning, capable cooks. Full of imagery, the writing is best described as “precious” and a little exclusive.

Here’s a taster:

Soft and slippery, pasta doesn’t cry out for contrasting textures the way other dishes do (like salad, ice cream sundaes, or sandwiches). Most of us have happily paired pasta with silky sauces and melted cheese…gloss each strand of pasta with a savory slick of sauce.”

Business Owners Council by Lewis Schiff

A vastly experienced serial entrepreneur, Lewis Schiff is executive director of the Business Owners Council and co-founder of BEN Global Mentorship. Through these networks, Lewis helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses and accelerate success.

Before finding his calling as a business mentor, Lewis spent over 8 years working in publishing. Armed with fine-tuned communication skills and a talent for asking insightful questions, he then branched out: founding and building prosperous businesses, then selling them at a profit.

Despite his business success, he hasn’t turned his back on writing. In fact, he leverages the power of words to cement his position as a thought-leader. He has penned four critically acclaimed business books, including Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons From the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons and The Middle-Class Millionaire: The Influence of Affluence.

Bill Simmons

Former ESPN columnist and Grantland editor-in-chief, Bill Simmons has gone from online sports reporter to king of a sports media empire. He first got noticed for his writing, finding fame as the blogger behind This landed him a columnist job at

Fifteen years, 30 documentary films (30 for 30), and countless podcasts (The B.S. Report) and TV appearances (E:60) later, and Bill has spun a knack for journalism into a full-blown media career. He now hosts a weekly talk show “Any Given Wednesday” on HBO and has recently launched The Ringer, a website for articles and podcasts covering sport, pop culture, and tech.

Don’t under estimate where great writing can take you. For these entrepreneurs, their strong foundation in writing acted as a springboard to boosted careers.

Similarly, great writing can increase the impact of your website. When wielded with power and precision, words drive exponential ROI—generating leads, driving action, and filling your sales pipeline with qualified prospects.

But to get there, you need first-rate writing skills—that’s where we come in. Give us a call today to see how words can transform your website into a customer converting powerhouse.

Charlie Claxton

Charlie Claxton

A native Brit, Charlie comes to MarketSmiths by way of Paris, Montreal, and Sydney.

She’s written for both B2B and B2C clients while on the content teams for global brands, digital agencies, and as a freelancer. She loves nothing better than crafting captivating copy for clients. Her experience ranges from blog posts to news articles to landing pages, with a focus on nonprofits, travel, and tech.

When not writing, she’s usually following her own foodie tour round NYC, kickboxing, or planning her next weekend trip out the city.

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