Industry Insights: How to Be Compelling & Compliant in Finance

After working with a variety of financial advisors, our in-depth competitive research has led us to a troubling conclusion: Most financial firms’ websites sound the same.

If you’re an independent advisor, you have every reason to be outraged. Many larger firms tout the same services and benefits you do, but one thing their messaging doesn’t convey is the truth. An inherent conflict of interest compromises the way commission-based advisors handle their clients’ money.

While this does pose a challenge for fiduciaries, or “fee-only” advisors, it also presents an extraordinary opportunity.

Identifying Your Differentiators

With many of your competitors’ sites reading like cookie-cutter financial jargon—86% of advisors receive sales-based incentives—this is your chance to break away from the traditional language. What makes you different? What makes you unique?

Fee-only advisors can engage people by ensuring objective financial advice—something commission-based competitors can’t provide. By taking a bold stance against cross-selling, you can make it clear to readers that you won’t try to pitch them products they don’t need.

Instead of thinking about what services you offer clients, take a fresher approach: How do your clients benefit—short and long term—from your skillset and passion? Why is financial counsel better without an incentive-based advisor?

If your web copy exudes confidence and credibility, you can effectively distinguish your firm from the pool of same-old advisors.

Staying Compliant in Financial Services

As a financial advisor, your priorities are attracting more clients and providing incomparable service. However, you must also consider regulatory compliance when creating your website and marketing materials.

These rules may limit what you can say, but while you may not be able to guarantee long-term wealth and success, you can promise one benefit many competitors can’t: honesty.

Your financial planning and investment counseling will always align with your clients’ interests—no upselling or subtle sales techniques.

Once you pinpoint your differentiators as a financial advisor, and their associated benefits, you’ll be able to communicate exactly what you bring to the table. With the right strategy and execution, the end result will be a powerhouse of a website—one that’s engaging and compliant.

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