The Best Lessons We’ve Learned From Quirky Celebrity Habits

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daily habits of marketsmiths copywriters
Does your daily routine improve your productivity? We think so!

Famously successful people have some crazy routines that they swear by. But although their habits may seem wacky, it might just be a good idea to listen to what they have to say.

It’s important to make the most of each day—and what better way than to start with a new good habit? Here are four ideas from some of the most successful people out there.

  1. Start your day with a good, cheap breakfast like Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is one wealthiest people on Earth, with about $77 billion by the latest count. He’s also kind of cheap—or frugal, if you want to be nice about it. Buffett can afford a luxe breakfast, but instead he starts his mornings with McDonald’s, never spending more than $3.17.

Each morning, his wife puts either $2.61, $2.95, or $3.17 in his car. When the market’s good and when he’s “feeling prosperous,” Buffett splurge and buy a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit with exactly $3.17. On bearish days, he’ll spend $2.61 for a couple sausage patties and a Coke.

Warren Buffett reminds us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and to start the day off right with the most important meal. You don’t need to break the bank to do so—and every once in a while, it’s okay to treat yourself and splurge.

  1. Prioritize sleep and a take a mid-day micro-nap like Albert Einstein

Einstein daily habit writing
The key to genius is sleep? Sign me up…

Successful people don’t always agree on sleep. Some executives, like Tim Cook, start their day before the sun, getting up at 4am. Others, like Jeff Bezos, argue for a solid 8 hours of sleep and get to work at a more normal daytime hour.

But one of the smartest people in history takes a different approach. Albert Einstein, not only vouched for a full 10 hours of sleep every night, but he also swore by a daily mid-day micro-nap to refuel. According to legend, he’d nap in a chair with a spoon in hand—when he fell asleep and dropped the spoon, the clatter would wake him up.

10 hours and daily naps isn’t exactly feasible for most copywriters or business owners. But it does remind us that a mid-afternoon refresh can be super useful. If not a catnap, take a step out for a stretch, a coffee break, or a smoothie. Taking time to refresh and refuel allows you to be your best self.

  1. Wake up with music like the Queen of England

copywriting productivity music
Our Scottish ‘Smith tried to make us listen to bagpipes… No thanks!

Blaring iPhone alarms are old news. If you really want a loud wake-up call, follow the example of The Queen of England. After a breakfast of tea, biscuits, and a bowl of cereal, the Queen starts her day with the rousing drones of bagpipes at exactly 9am.

Though I can’t think of anything worse than bagpipes before a cup of coffee, there’s a lot to be said about starting your day with music. While there isn’t much research behind the best noises to start your day, some scientists suggest that music can activated the parts of your brain that make you feel alert. So whether it’s a bagpipe, classic rock, or the latest Taylor Swift song, consider waking up to your favorite music.

  1. Oprah Winfrey writes five things she’s grateful for every night

The advice guru of our generation, Oprah Winfrey has long preached a life of healthy habits both in body and in mind. It’s no surprise that her daily routine includes some great ideas for living our lives to the fullest.

At the top of that list is a daily exercise in gratitude. Starting with her first thought being “Oh, I’m so happy to be alive!”, Oprah brings thanks with her throughout the day. By the time she climbs in bed at 10pm, she cracks open her journal and writes down five things that she felt grateful for.

We know most people save their gratitude for Thanksgiving, but it’s time to have an Oprah “aha moment” and start practicing daily gratitude. You don’t have to write everything down, but consider taking a moment and pointing out the good parts of the day—it can have a huge impact on your overall happiness. Maybe you had a great cup of coffee or you wrote a great piece of copy—celebrate that!

A daily dose of productivity

While bagpipe alarm clocks and endless McDonald’s breakfasts aren’t for everyone, it’s important to figure out what daily habits work best for you. Daily routines can help us maximize our days and be more productive.

As for the team at MarketSmiths? We’ve all got our quirks. I meditate, and so does our beatSmith Max. It helps me approach the day with a whole new perspective, cool and collected. Our techSmith Greg loves to walk to work, saying he feels refreshed when he gets here, while our horrorSmith Sam always reads a book (usually Stephen King) on her commute, since it helps wake up her up and kick-starts her creativity.

Do our daily habits make us better copywriters? We like to think so. If you’re looking for copy or content that really performs, get in touch today to find out what we can do.

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