What were the ‘Smiths up to in September?

We look back on a busy month and see what our copywriters achieved: from new partnerships, to first meetings, to international journeys.

marketsmiths copywriters candy
We love a simple, evocative piece of copywriting: yes, we DO deserve candy!

September was a busy month for us here at MarketSmiths (not that we ever have a quiet one!), and our ‘Smiths decided it was high time we shared some of our writing adventures with the world. September saw some exciting first-time meetings, a visit from a furry friend, a seasonal office party, and international hi-jinks! Read on to find out more…

A toast: to former ‘Smiths and new adventures 

We bid a fond farewell to our former humorSmith Tori last month, as she embarked on her next adventure. Tori left the concrete jungle of New York behind and set off for glamorous L.A. The team wishes her the best of luck in her new job—and thanks for the delicious box of candy, Tori! (Chocolate covered sunflower seeds? Yum!)

marketsmiths copywriters candy
We love a simple, evocative piece of copywriting: yes, we DO deserve candy!

Putting faces to names: meetings galore!

Our clients hail from far and wide, so it’s no surprise that we haven’t met all of them in person. We’re always excited to finally put a face to a voice over the phone, and September gave us the opportunity to finally meet some clients we’ve worked with for a long time!

First, we were thrilled to be invited to a fabulous ‘Night of Wonders’ party thrown by eMazzanti Technologies, celebrating the company’s 16th anniversary. With wonders promised, we knew we were in for a treat—and wonders were indeed delivered! From the stilt-walking performers to the belly dancer with the snake (which our topSmith Jean bravely petted), it was a great night all round. Thanks for the invite, eMazzanti team—and kudos to Ashley for planning the spectacular event!

Later in the month, we were excited to hear that Jen from Room 214 was in our neck of the woods. Along with Jean, our writers Greg and Max have worked with Room 214 for nearly a year, producing content for Panasonic. We celebrated the occasion with a tasty lunch right here in the heart of Williamsburg, and are so happy that Jen stopped by!

Jean also went to the Jersey Shore to meet with by far one of our most quirky and unusual clients, a man who is transforming himself from a high-end FBI-type negotiator into an energetic healer. We aren’t kidding when we say that every day is excitingly different here at MarketSmiths!

Talk may be cheap..but we hope it’s inspiring!

Keller Williams NYC has made MarketSmiths their official copywriting vendor! In mid-September, smileSmith Michele and topSmith Jean were pleased to give a breakfast talk to the realty’s top NYC producers, followed by MarketSmiths’ first appearance at a vendor fair (at which Jean discovered even more tasty candy and left with a major sugar high).

A week later, Jean, invited by long-time NYC Vistage chair Jerry Cahn, gave a similar talk to a group of thriving B2B CEOs from Long Island, New Jersey, and Manhattan. Two talks, two completely different audiences: both gave their audiences a new way to think about content, and a new opening for setting themselves apart from their competitors.

Office shenanigans: pranks, fluffy visitors, and a party!

MarketSmiths copywriters culture
“I have so much work to do!” Greg often leaves to-do lists for himself… This wasn’t one of his most helpful, though!

We love the creative vibe in our office! Our team of writers is always throwing around ideas, calling out requests (“what’s another word for really awesome?”), and helping each other out—but sometimes, they can get a little mischievous! Take the day our techSmith Greg worked remotely and asked the team back at the office to send him a picture of the to-do list he’d left on his desk. After a few minutes of suspicious radio silence, the team happily obliged! (We did send him the real list, too… Eventually.)

MarketSmiths office dog puppy
This is exactly the kind of motivation we need to be the best copywriters we can be!

Our office was also blessed by a visit from a furry little friend in September! Our artSmith Kelly brought her adorable puppy Soba to work, and our team took a quick break from crafting quality copy to give Soba a million hugs.

Million dollar question time: who’s cuter, Soba or our resident whiskerSmith, Jabberwocky? (Trick question. They’re both equally cute.)

The month might have been unseasonably hot and humid here in New York, but our team was excited to welcome the first day of fall with a thematic office party! Our sassySmith Caroline brought spiked cider (a devilish blend of cider, rum, cinnamon, and other mystery ingredients she won’t share with us), and we laid out a scrumptious feast, including sourdough with homemade artichoke dip, candy apples, and homemade pumpkin loaf! The festivities quickly turned to team-building activities as we played Catchphrase (an appropriate game for wordsmiths, we thought!).

MarketSmiths copywriting agency fall office party
As we always say, you can’t write great copy on an empty stomach!

International adventures: our Scottish ‘Smith revisits her roots!

It’s been almost a year since our Scottish horrorSmith Sam moved to New York to join the team (she remembers the date of her first day well, as it unfortunately coincided with a certain election…). In September, Sam made a quick visit to her homeland to attend a family wedding and partake in all the Scottish-ness she’s missed since the move. Her visit included eating haggis, drinking whiskey and Irn Bru, and taking part in traditional ceilidh dances like the Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, and the Flying Scotsman—alongside men in kilts, of course. (We promise we’re not just listing stereotypes—this is actually what Sam got up to!)

Sam returned to us this week bearing yummy British treats like Edinburgh rock and Jaffa Cakes. Now she just needs to shake some of the British-isms she’s picked up again!

Among all the fun, the ‘Smiths also had a hugely productive month. If you’d like to find out more about what we do, we’d love to share! Get in touch today. 

Samantha McLaren

Samantha McLaren

Having worked as a ghost tour guide for five years, Samantha knows how to get a reaction using only words. Hailing from bonny Scotland, she spent years gathering weird, eclectic experience (from laboratory assistant to radio DJ to Sunday school teacher) before finding her true calling–writing. She came to New York to see what MarketSmiths could teach her, and never left. Copywriter by day, amateur horror writer by night, she has a passion for words and is drawn to the strange and unusual.

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