Who, What, How, Why, and Where: 5 Questions to Ask for Foolproof B2B Copy

Just like a journalist, copywriters need to ask questions. These are the five questions every copywriter should ask when they begin work for a new client and why the answers matter.


You’ve finally done it. You’ve created a product that’s going to take the world by storm. You’ve developed a service that will change lives. Now you’ve just got to market it.

“Market” is our middle name. Well, OK, not really. But it’s in our name! At Marketsmiths, we pride ourselves on creating copy that’s just as revolutionary as your new product. Lean in, and we’ll tell you the secrets to our success. Writing persuasive B2B marketing copy all depends on asking the right questions: who, what, how, why, and where.

Who are your clients?

Every good relationship takes work, and your relationship with your audience is no different. That’s why the first key to a good B2B strategy (or any strategy, for that matter) is knowing who your audience is and what they want.

If you haven’t found your people yet (not to worry, all good things take time), think about the services you offer and who would find them helpful. You might even create a few fictional characters—based on real types of people—and think about how your services could benefit them. On the other hand, if you have clients already, it may be worth doing some research to analyze what they have in common and what attracted them to your services. That way, you can play to your strengths.

What do they want to know?

Your clients have questions of their own. What are they asking? The surest and quickest way to win over a client is to solve their problem. At this stage, you’re not yet interacting directly with the client, which means you’ll have to anticipate the kinds of questions they’re asking. If you can anticipate their problem and provide the answer one step before they realize they’ve got a problem, even better.

How can you help?

Your product or service can make people’s lives so much easier, but unfortunately, they don’t know that yet. They may not even have heard of you—but with a little good marketing, they’ll soon be singing your praises to all their friends.

First, of course, you have to let people know what you’re offering. Once you’ve identified a potential client problem, offer a solution. Maybe you simply drop a hint about your services at the end of a blog post. Or maybe you spell it out more clearly and at greater length. You might even highlight a customer who’s benefited from your service or product. A good strategy embraces a number of approaches. If you find one that works better than others, by all means use it again.

Why should they choose you?

By this point you may have convinced your reader that you really can help, but they still need a reason to choose your services over everyone else’s. In other words, it’s time to brag. What sets you apart from the competition? Is it the number of years you’ve been in business? Your high level of attention to detail? Your incredible customer service? Whatever it is, make sure your readers know about it.

Where do they need to go?

Great news! You’ve won yourself a customer! But that customer won’t know what to do next unless you take the lead. That’s why you’ve got to include a clear directive at the end of your copy.

In fact, it’s best to make things as simple as possible for your reader—which you can do by giving them a handy dandy link. Be careful with that link, though: make sure you’re taking them to the right place. If you want them to give you a call, direct them to your contact page. If you want them to browse products, direct them to your product page. Under no circumstances should you simply direct them to your homepage and let them wander around until they decide they don’t really want your services after all.

If you give your readers helpful information, strong reasoning, and a clear directive, you’ll be on your way to marketing your B2B services like a true MarketSmith!

And if you need help beefing up that copy or making your argument more compelling, MarketSmiths is here. We’ve got years of experience writing crisp, actionable copy for some of today’s most influential brands. To request our services, just click on this handy dandy link that will take you straight to our contact page. (See what we did there?)


Erin Kahn

Erin Kahn

Erin pursued the written word in college because it seemed like the only natural thing to do. Now, as a copywriter, arts critic, and fiction author in New York City, she’s pretty sure she made the right choice. When she’s not crafting a brand article, legal blog post, or Off-Broadway review, Erin can usually be found working furiously on her latest book idea – at all hours of the night!

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