Outward Beauty? Check. Now Give Your Product the Inner Beauty Copywriting Advantage.

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Our guest writer Thiago Macklin Lima explores how the best brands use great copywriting to make their products irresistible.

You see someone cool across the room. They’re laughing, wearing a great outfit, hanging with a fun crowd. You fall all over yourself. How can you be friends with this person?

So you introduce yourself. Right away, you can tell: something’s off. Maybe they’re full of themselves—or lack anything interesting to say. It’s all a facade and you fell for it, you think, as you extricate yourself and walk (quickly) in the other direction.

A similar pattern plays out in the consumer products world, every day. Consumers spot a gadget, a piece of clothing, even some fun software. But when they look closer, they’re rewarded with a clichéd tagline, confusing tech jargon, or a list of dry specs. In marketing speak, this is, well, tragic. Why give your sexy product the voice of a nobody?

Great product copywriting pumps up the intrigue by infusing your products with the dream. Read on to see what this looks like.

“Small and Mighty. Say Hello to Google Home Mini.”

When it comes down to it, most tech products are just a bunch of wires and circuits in a creatively designed shell. It’s the way we interact with them that makes you salivate to have one. With this cleverly worded copy, Google has given its product all the qualities of a perfect home companion. “Small” tells us our new Google assistant is going to stay out of our way when we’re good. “Mighty” tells us that when we want to use it, it’ll lift mountains. And since it’s going to be living with us, of course, it’s only polite to “Say hello.”

“Adored. Trusted. Acclaimed. Yes, We’re Talking About A Mattress.”

Like finding a handyman or mowing the lawn, shopping for a mattress just isn’t that exciting. But Casper’s great tagline conjures up much more than a pile of springs and cotton. Reliable, loving, and competent, meet your fresh new bedtime friend.

“Unapologetic Styling. Mind-blowing Performance.”

Harley Davidson needs no introduction. And one look at their 2018 Fat Bob motorcycle—and you know it’s a work of art. But if I buy one, won’t it feel excessive? Nah. This product description is the king of all permission givers, enabling you to hop on and command the streets without a backwards glance.  

“Relax. Hello. Welcome to a bank that’s Built for Life.”

Who knew a bank could be so energetic, so friendly, so deliciously human? NatWest did. The UK-based bank could be a best tech startup: rather than dry and uptight, the bank’s messaging—wrapped in purple and red hues—is bold, warm, creative, and friendly. What a great, simple way to stand out from the rest of the pack.

If you’re looking to add charisma to your swanky product or service, we can help. Reach out to info@MarketSmiths.com today to find out how our team can give your copy character and personality—and make the desire palpable.

Paul Rosevear

What do you get when you combine the soul of a musician with the mind of a writer? Copy that sings. And for the last decade, that’s precisely what Paul has delivered for global brands, bootstrap startups, and everything in between. When he’s not hard at work crafting top-notch communications, you can find Paul hanging with his wife and two young daughters, singing and playing guitar for The Vice Rags, or roaming the streets in search of the nearest slice of pizza.

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