Invest Your 2020 Marketing Budget Balance: A Powerful Way to Use It, Not Lose It

If you have a use-it-or-lose-it marketing budget, then the end of a fiscal year presents a fine dilemma. You may have some remaining allocation, but are flat out of initiatives for the year. Do you return the funds to the company coffers, dismissing them as not quite enough to make a difference? Do you invest them in something you’re not sure will continue to drive growth, engagement, and conversion? Let’s face it: a remaining balance in your 2020 marketing budget is a missed opportunity. But it doesn’t have to be.

As some of our copywriting clients have already discovered, there’s a win-win option that locks in flexibility, ensures effectiveness, and cultivates stakeholder amazement and cheer. At the end of the year, we’ve seen an uptick in companies approaching us to use their unused budget allocations as a kind of down payment on industry-savvy, ROI-driving copy and content for 2021. It’s a great way to drive momentum in the new year in the form of increased sales leads, heightened engagement, and a proactive strategy of building enough momentum early on to propel your organization’s growth through the rest of the year.

As 2020 draws to a close, MarketSmiths is facilitating the following innovative uses of an expiring marketing budget:

  • A Silicon Valley unicorn is building forward momentum by commissioning a series of ebooks, blog posts, guidebooks, one-sheets, and PDFs. We work alongside embedded copywriters and content managers to get everything done as part of one seamless team.
  • A leading digital contract platform found this to be the perfect moment to outsource pillar blog content—and delegate some cluster posts to a vendor they trust (um…us).
  • A Fortune 500 insurance company wanted to get ahead of the new year with an open PO for video scripts, email nurture campaigns, and sales collateral.
  • A major home appliance manufacturer wanted to start 2021 strong with fresh product copy, so they gave MarketSmiths a call to get the ball rolling.

You don’t need to know exactly what deliverable(s) you’ll need; instead, you can rest assured that every dollar of allocated marketing budget will be invested in on-brand, on-strategy copywriting.

Wondering how MarketSmiths can help fuel your 2021 momentum? Let’s talk about how we can take 2020 remnants and weave them into a brilliant 2021 brocade.

Maggie Serota

Maggie Serota

Maggie comes to New York from the mean streets of Philadelphia where she started her writing career contributing to music magazines and the local alt-weekly paper. She landed at MarketSmiths following a brief stint as a copywriter at Tumblr and a much longer stint in journalism covering politics, music, TV, film, sports, and everything in between.

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