Let’s Get Down to Business: The Secrets to Great B2B Copywriting

In the world of B2B copywriting, what separates the best from the rest? Here, guest writer Nathan Marder explores just that.

If you’ve spent the last few days bouncing from blog to blog like I have, we’ve probably noticed the same trends. There’s plenty of content out there explaining what B2B copywriting is, what it’s used for, and why it’s a crucial component of any modern marketing strategy. 

All of that is fine—and, if you can stomach the drudgery of wading through thousands of words painted with the same dried-out fan brush, you may even find those explanations somewhat useful. 

But there’s still something missing. To find out what separates miraculous B2B copywriting from the mundane, continue reading below.

Make it Personal 

When it comes to communicating with potential clients, many marketers made a critical misstep. Let’s set the stage. 

Imagine having a conversation with someone who knows nothing about your product. Would you spew technical jargon, sending them a lengthy wall of text explaining your methodology? Maybe not. While it’s important to have that information available upon request, brands should lead with messaging that generates an emotional response, makes a connection, and drives action. 

On the other side of the screen sits a living and (hopefully) breathing human just like you—so think of your copywriting as human to human (H2H) rather than B2B or B2C. 

Build Your Brand

Develop a personality, or risk getting lost in the shuffle. Nearly 75% of all B2B transactions were conducted online last year. Without storefronts or face-to-face interactions to make an impression, distinguishing your brand in the increasingly digital B2B landscape is more important than ever.

The best way to attract audiences? Letting your personality out of its cage—and standing out amongst a bland backdrop of competitors. 

SEO Without Sacrifice

Most copywriters would love to forget that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) exists. However, SEO copywriting—when done correctly—can take your B2B content to never-before-seen places (like the first page of Google). 

Okay, you’ve probably seen the first page of Google. But it’s still a worthy goal! No matter how great your copy is, if a blog or landing page isn’t optimized for industry-specific search terms, your content strategy will fall flat.

It’s important to understand the technical and tactical considerations beneath the surface of successful content—but a great story and compelling copy is always the backbone. Employing SEO techniques at the expense of readability or narrative structure is never worth it. Great B2B copywriting seamlessly integrates SEO strategy with sharp, well-written copy. 

Mobile-Friendly Design

In a recent study from Boston Consulting Group, 60% of B2B buyers said a mobile device “played a significant role in a recent purchase.” 

Take advantage of the white collar worker’s short attention span by making sure your website is cross-platform compatible. Having mobile-friendly content isn’t an option; it’s a requirement. 

A Killer Call to Action

Imagine sitting in a restaurant and hearing your waiter’s well-rehearsed menu overview. “Today’s specials include a pan-seared sea bass piccata with fried capers and a beautifully braised pork shoulder with fennel, garlic, and seasonal herbs.” 

Everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like something you’d love to see on your plate. You even took Lactaid so you could fearlessly indulge in a dairy-based dessert. But just as the pre-meal exposition comes to a close and you open your mouth to order, the waiter turns and walks away—leaving you confused and, more importantly, hungry. 

This is exactly what writing a piece of content without a clear call to action feels like for your reader. They may not starve, but they’ll probably end up at the restaurant across the street. Whether the goal of the content is to sell a product, generate qualified leads, or prompt a phone call, make sure the reader’s next step is clear. A compelling call to action should do the trick.

Great B2B Copywriting Is Human

B2B ecommerce is projected to slip past the $7 trillion mark by the end of this year. And yet, B2C copywriting still seems to disproportionately garner the market’s attention. As a result, many B2B corporations neglect their content strategy—ceding online territory to competitors while casting themselves further into the digital shadows. 

If you’re interested in improving your online presence and bringing a human touch to your digital content strategy, our team of B2B copywriting experts is always just a click away. Get in touch! 

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