Schooling The Competition: How EdTech Firms Make Marketing Their Business

In the crowded edtech market, standing out to students and school districts is crucial—which is where a well thought out marketing strategy comes into play.

EdTech marketing can be hard. MarketSmiths can help.

 In a crowded field, getting your education company noticed can be tough. But by grabbing an audience, keeping it engaged, and fusing it with everything you do, you can finish top of the class.

Do you remember the first day of school? The pang of worry that you wouldn’t fit in, the shiver of excitement about making new friends. Whenever you finished your education, that world probably feels like an eon away—especially now. 

With universities closed up and schools promising to lock down at the first hint of coronavirus, the joys and fears of a conventional education may never again be as universal as when you or I first stepped through the threshold. 

Not that education is stagnating—far from it. As we’ve explored over the last few weeks, EdTech companies, already expanding before pandemic emerged, have exploded. And no wonder: from seducing customers with lively cartoons to encouraging collaboration, there are countless ways that your education brand can come top of the class.

Grab Your Audience

With thousands of EdTech companies scattered about, it can be hard to get your platform noticed. But as we explored in our dedicated post on the topic, enthusiasm and good humor can go a long way in winning over an audience.

Look at DuoLingo. The language platform goes in big and loud, boldly announcing that users can: “Learn a language for free. Forever.” A fun social media presence—to say nothing of the infamous cartoon bird—adds to its unique branding too.

Class Dojo has a similar strategy. “Bring every family into your classroom” is a brilliant headline, clearly explaining what the educational app does and how it can help everyone, from wealthy private schoolers to the kids of rural single moms. 

In other words, having a robust, sharp message is vital to audience success in contemporary EdTech. As we put it: “Your strategy is set. Your differentiators are clear.” 

Encourage Repeatability

Rote learning may have gone out of fashion decades ago—but when it comes to EdTech, repeatability is still king. 

As we explored in our deep dive on the topic, some of the most successful online education companies trigger our synapses to come back for more. MasterClass is a great example, leveraging the fame of big stars in cooking, sports, writing, and more to seduce repeat customers. 

Teachable manages the same trick, cleverly appealing to users’ entrepreneurial spirit. By making it easy to create and monetize educational courses, the platform offers a deliciously addictive loop of creativity and profit. 

So if you’re starting out on your own EdTech journey, be sure to design your brand with repeatability in mind. As our writer put it: “Repetition is key to learning anything new. Overlearning a concept or skill ensures we never forget it. The same applies to marketing.”

MarketSmiths Case Study

A coaching company for teachers, Educate gives them the tools they need to take their work to the next level. But without an engaging website, the company struggled to close sales. That’s where MarketSmiths came in. By honing its website copy and brand messaging to clearly express its value, assert vital differentiators, and garner interest and sales, we soon fixed it up. Potential prospects now have crisp, clear copy to read—and Educate has bolstered its place in a crowded market. 

> Read the full case study here

Your Brand Is Everything

As every bored middle schooler knows, the difference between a good teacher and a great one is a question of degrees. Practically anyone can win students over or keep them coming to lesson after lesson—but the instructors you remember years after graduation have a little something extra

The same is true in education marketing. As we explained, the most successful EdTech brands ‘make the brand the filter’ for everything the firm stands for. In the case of Moodle, an open-source learning management system, accessibility is everything, with its community forums and simple text all encouraging interaction.

2U, a longstanding MarketSmiths client, takes a similar route. From conversational copy to personal success stories and an adorable nickname for employees (check out the post if you don’t believe us!), they bring warmth and enthusiasm to everything they do.

Conclusion: From Start To Finish, Think Marketing

Like any star pupil, successful EdTech marketers need to be flexible. It’s not enough to win an audience—you also need to keep it.  And introducing your brand is only the beginning—from there, you need to saturate it through your whole mission.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and bring your education dream to the masses. Who knows what you both might learn? 

Want EdTech copy that gives your brand top grades every time? The whizkids at MarketSmiths can helpso get in touch.

Andrea Valentino

Andrea Valentino

Andrea is originally from London, and came to New York after a stint in journalism. He loves everything to do with writing—as well as obscure language facts, decent wine, and chocolate cake.

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