Why The Best Technical Copywriting Isn’t Technical

Even copywriting for tech brands needs tor retain a human touch. Here's how to make sure it does by focusing on what your users want, need, and expect.

The best technical copywriting speaks to human needs
Technical copywriting isn't about pixels or megabytes; it's about people and meaning.

At the heart of great technical copywriting is an understanding about what technology is—and what it isn’t. Technology isn’t the cluster of circuits, wires, plastics, or pixels. It’s the meaning in the machinery that makes it easier to be a student, a parent, a commuter, or just simply a person in the world.

Whether Facetiming by iPhone or strategizing on Slack, every platform offers a distinct experience. For a tech company to cement their uniqueness in a competitive market, writing that cleverly captures the difference in meaning enables it to take marketing beyond hardware or software and toward the human. 

Build loyalty through brand

Apple or PC? iPhone or Android? Apple Music or Spotify? When customers buy a product or create an account, they enter an ecosystem. Their decision-making process may be rooted in cost and convenience, but brand is the thing that ultimately earns their loyalty. What does it mean to be a PC person, anyways?

It’s one thing to make your prices competitive or to draw customers in with a sharp user experience (UX), but crafting a brand that’s as compelling as a lower price tag can be incredibly impactful. In tech, that means not just outlining what your product does, but basking in what makes it better

Apple products, for example, evoke sleek minimalism, curved edges, and signature coolness. With strategic marketing, Apple said less and did more—making its marketing content as simple and straightforward as the products themselves, setting a new standard for branding in the tech industry.

Portray a powerful user experience 

Effective web copy, content, or product writing requires a firm understanding of the user experience you offer. How does Zoom UX differ from FaceTime? Not just the interface, but the end-to-end client experience?

Zoom has screen sharing and breakout rooms. Facetime is convenient, familiar, and casual. Features matter, but so does the feeling they evoke. The possible use cases might be identical, but Zoom has successfully situated its product as a go-to replacement for in-person business meetings while, for professional work, Facetime remains a less popular option.

The Zoom example suggests situating the nuts and bolts features within a narrative of optimal, successful user experiences.

Capture the human behind the keyboard

Fast speed, energy efficiency, and broad compatibility are all major pluses in the tech world—but to many consumers, they’re floating buzzwords without immediate, tangible impact. To slice through the noise and reel in customers, introduce features in terms of the actual benefits that they offer customers and paint a picture to drive home the point. 

Messaging platforms aren’t beneficial because they’re fast, they’re beneficial because they’re fast at connecting people. To drive marketing (and make it more compelling), always hang on to the human aspect of the technology—and weave it into the core of your brand. 

Turn the most complex code into a compelling consumer story

When a software company serving more than 100,000 professionals worldwide wanted to create inbound marketing materials that turn complex topics into page-turners, they called on us to do the writing. In just 2 months, their subject matter expertise, tapped by our team, resulted in 21 eBooks, 14 blog posts, and 6 case studies, carving out a coveted space in the world of tech-related thought leadership for our client. It wasn’t just volume—it was putting complex topics into human terms, always focusing on the end goal and impact.

Consumers don’t just want to hear about hardware, they want to know how a product will improve their lives and the experience they’ll have by using it. When shaping a marketing strategy committed to following the human thread through the technical ‘circuit pathways’, you elevate your brand’s content, making it about the customer’s aspirations.

Want help bringing a human touch to your technology marketing? Connect with us. 

Jacque G

Jacque G

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