Go with the Flo: How an AI-Powered App Empowers Women

We explore how an AI-powered app helps women take control of their health—and leverages tech to make healthcare more accessible.

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A global pandemic is as firm a reminder as any of the importance of prioritizing our health—not to mention that of our communities. COVID-19 held a magnifying glass up to inequalities in healthcare systems around the world, particularly for people of color and women, and continues to reveal shortcomings in labor equality, vaccine distribution, and insurance policies. 

Yet it also transformed the way medical professionals and patients engage with technology to seek treatment and support. As patients began avoiding hospitals and clinics to limit their exposure to the virus, many turned to telemedicine—while doctors and frontline workers met people in their community with drive-through testing, house calls, and AI-powered apps. 

Though digital medicine existed pre-pandemic, research shows that digitization and investments in artificial intelligence have only accelerated to keep pace with evolving health needs, in the wake of a crisis that has left many feeling out of control. 

The AI-powered period-tracking app Flo is redefining how women—and anyone with a period—take control of their health through empowering, educational messaging. By supporting women and initiating often taboo conversations about their health, Flo is also demonstrating how accessible healthcare can be with technology as its partner. 

Inspiring a digital community

Building a community, in person or online, begins with cultivating shared understanding. Flo, which has a user-base of 200M people, has built a global community around women’s health issues by recognizing a gender bias that has long neglected, discriminated against, and excluded women, transgender, and non-binary people in medicine.

Flo’s digital community, therefore, invites anyone with a period to learn more about their body—with the support of a powerful knowledge base behind them. By giving women a platform to initiate important dialogues, Flo is already creating a more equitable future. 

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Providing “proactive, preventative healthcare”

A staggering seven out of ten U.S. deaths are caused by chronic disease, while roughly half of the country’s population has been diagnosed with a chronic illness—many of which are classified as preventable by the medical community. 

But through the app, Flo uses machine learning and data-powered algorithms to recognize patterns and symptoms customized to individual users. Identifying these patterns and creating awareness around them is a valuable preventative measure that helps women better understand their bodies, especially when it comes to ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy, and serious medical conditions. 

While intertwining technology and healthcare can be a slippery slope for privacy and data security, Flo undeniably empowers women with the knowledge to ask more questions and seek out answers from experts. Knowledge is power—and so is listening when a woman shares her health concerns in earnest. 

Building trust as the #1 OB-GYN-recommended AI-powered app for period tracking

Building trust in your brand, especially when it comes to health, relies on evidence and results. Backed by OBGYNs scientists, doctors, and health experts, Flo has been able to reach an expansive community of women. 

That said, AI-powered apps and insights are a stepping stone to a larger conversation about how healthcare professionals can be supported by technology—rather than replaced entirely. 

While the app may suggest some signs are indicators of serious health conditions, it’s important that women begin conversations with their providers about what these patterns and symptoms mean before drawing immediate conclusions. By giving women an intuitive platform to consider their health needs, habits, and symptoms, this conversation is ready to begin. 

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The future of Flo

Over the past 12 months, the AI-powered app has increased its active subscriber base by 4x—and the company recently closed a $50 million Series B funding round which values the company at $800M. 

As healthcare continues to evolve in the wake of the pandemic, Flo is committed to giving women the tools they need to take control of their health and receive the care they deserve. Their AI-powered app is doing just that—with efficiency, community, and empowerment built into their brand.   

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