Sustainable Fashion Copy: How These Brands Are Changing the Game

Modern fashion brands are turning to unconventional materials, like recycled plastic water bottles, to create fashion-forward products that value sustainability. Learn how these revolutionary brands craft equally innovative fashion copy to match.


In recent years, apparel brands have made a conscious effort to incorporate sustainable and ethical fashion into their business strategy. From detailing the source of their materials to explaining how they manufacture their products, they persuade consumers to give recycled clothes an honest try—with a promise that purchases make a positive impact on the environment. 

It’s an admirable movement that’s particularly needed to counter the effects of climate change and fast fashion. Rothy’s and Girlfriend Collective are just two examples of brands that are changing the game, with their minimalist, stylish aesthetic and strategic fashion copy. Both brands fashion their respective products out of recycled water bottles.

But how exactly are they connecting with their audience in a way that draws them to their products? What is it about their copy that encourages customer trust in the midst of sneaky greenwashing and half-truths? Here’s what we can learn from two major players in the sustainable fashion world. 

Sustainability doesn’t compromise style

Especially popular among Gen-Z and millennial shoppers, sustainable, ethically-sourced products have become a widespread answer to decreasing waste. You’d wonder how one could possibly make anything wearable from recycled plastic, but Rothy’s makes best use of the material and creates a unique collection of shoes, bags, and other accessories that people want to buy. 

When you take a look at its website, Rothy’s makes it clear that choosing sustainability doesn’t always mean compromising style. For starters, fashion copy like, “Light on the planet. Heavy on style,” aims to prove that while it has a wide variety of products in stock, such as its pointed flats or handbags, Rothy’s actually lessens its carbon footprint by committing to sustainable practices—from weaving plastic bottles and natural materials into its products to ensuring that its packaging is 100% recyclable. 

So, while Rothy’s encourages its shoppers to look their best by flaunting its high-quality washable shoes and accessories, the brand also ensures that their purchases don’t harm the planet in the long run. As of now, its net revenue stands at an impressive $140 million, and will likely continue to grow as its sharp marketing strategy and compelling fashion copy draw in more prospective customers. 

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Transparent copywriting strengthens customer trust

Girlfriend Collective is another eco-friendly, sustainable activewear company that sells “clothing for people who care.” Similar to Rothy’s, it claims that its clothing is, “supportive, sustainable, and stylish,” and asks the question, “Who says you can’t have it all?” 

It’s a bold statement to make, but Girlfriend Collective backs up its words with concrete proof. There is immense, transformative, power in effective copy—and the company’s story is made especially memorable by its commitment to transparency and accountability. 

If you take a look at its website’s fashion copy, you’ll be quick to notice that the language is casual, friendly, and confident, making it easy for readers to understand the more complex ins and outs of the production process. Girlfriend Collective not only calls out the industry’s shameless tendency to greenwash its brand image, but also provides a concrete explanation of how every one of its products is ethically made. It also proudly demonstrates that it’s a part of an accountability initiative known as SA8000, which protects workers’ conditions and wages. 

Girlfriend Collective covers all ground, as it thoroughly highlights where, how, and by whom its clothing is made, giving customers the needed insight to determine whether the brand is truly trustworthy and deserving of their money. 

One thing’s for sure: transparent, intentional, and declarative copywriting goes a long way, and Girlfriend Collective knows how to use writing as a tool to educate and empower its customers. It’s not too difficult to see why the brand is a popular favorite. 

For other companies that want to develop meaningful customer relationships that are built on trust and transparency, they should follow suit. 

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Sustainability isn’t always convenient—but it’s the better choice 

If you read through Rothy’s and Girlfriend Collective’s processes for making ethical apparel, there’s no denying that they’re complicated, and sometimes even inconvenient. Fast fashion lives up to its name, as it’s easier for companies to take advantage of manufacturers overseas that use cheap, harmful material for quick results. 

However, the two brands make it clear that committing to sustainability is significantly better and worth the amount of effort, especially if it contributes to such an important cause. Their fashion copy caters to a growing number of people who care about where their clothes and accessories come from, and how their purchases directly affect the planet. 

They prove that sustainability can coexist with style and that transparency is the best tool for catering to customer needs. The hope is that, in time, all industries will embrace these values and participate in building a better, healthier ecosystem for all. 

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Shi-won Oh

Shi-won Oh

Former 6th Grade ELA teacher, now copywriter, Shi-won loves to use writing as a tool to empower, educate, and entertain. She enjoys collecting books for her library, daydreaming about Middle Earth, and searching for the coziest Korean restaurants in Queens.

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