Credit Cards for the Modern Consumer: Petal’s Web Copy

PetalCard harnesses the power of good copy through clear, clean and crisp messaging that inspires action. They reach a wide audience with an accessible tone of voice to encourage and progress financial inclusion.

Petal's web copy changes perspectives on credit cards.

Credit cards are useful tools, but they’re not accessible to everyone. PetalCard is on a mission to change that. Unemployed people and those with low incomes may find it extremely challenging to receive a credit card, limiting their ability to build necessary credit. Credit is financial power, and without it, applying for a loan or renting an apartment becomes much more challenging. PetalCard combines finance with technology to help people build credit, from novices to seasoned card users alike. Their aim is, in their own words, “bringing financial innovation and opportunity to everyone.”

Financial technology is one of the fastest moving aspects of the digital economy, swiftly altering the way money and investments operate. “Here to help you succeed,” PetalCard is one of many fintech companies reshaping banking through technology in order to make finance more accessible to all. With a sleekly designed website, PetalCard gets their message across with clever taglines and detailed (but not too technical) explanations. They are “expanding access through technology” thanks to “higher limits, better rates, [and] no annual fee.” PetalCard’s mission to make credit cards more accessible is matched by their expertly crafted, and seamlessly approachable web copy.

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Short, sweet, and to the point. 

PetalCard reaches a wide range of audiences through accessible copy that is clear, informative, and friendly. As a fintech start up, PetalCard understands that its copywriting needs to be clear, simple and key catching.  They take “a new approach to credit” in order to help all people build credit. In other words, PetalCard is here for “credit building made easy.” 

Since PetalCard has a mission to make credit cards inclusive and available to all people, its webcopy must reach multiple audiences. In order to accomplish this, PetalCard keeps its copy short, simple, yet interesting enough to keep readers engaged. 

Throughout their website, PetalCard uses clean, straightforward, and engaging snippets of copy to encourage a wide range of readers. Taglines like “Grow your credit with Petal” and “Credit reimagined” are short and to the point while letting users know that Petal is on their side. Eager to help everyone (regardless of prior credit card experience) build credit, PetalCard highlights the ease and functionality of its card offerings. 

With a user-friendly app that lets customers “see everything in one place,” PetalCard is clear on their mission: “You’re in control. Track your credit score and see all of your money in one place.” The app helps users by “unlocking the power of [their] your data” in order to “help [build]ing credit, not debt.” By highlighting the features of their app and credit cards, PetalCard encourages readers to explore everything on offer.

PetalCard makes clear that they want to empower customers to take finance into their own hands. “Unlocking the power of your data. Until recently banks owned their customer’s banking history. If you switched banks your history wouldn’t come with you. Not anymore. Thanks to modern technology and new regulations, your banking history belongs to you. This has created new possibilities for how people manage their money. And even apply for credit.” 

PetalCard spotlights the way that customers can take hold of their own financial information without scaring off folks with little prior financial experience. Their use of an informative, clear, and simple tone speaks to all levels of financial literacy, while also demonstrating their position as a credit card company for today’s market. 

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Modern copy for the modern reader.

Good rhetoric is key for writing effective webcopy, and it’s clear that PetalCard knows a thing or two when it comes to writing engaging and persuasive statements. By sticking to an uncomplicated and friendly tone, PetalCard is able to reach readers who may have previously been averse to financial institutions. Calling attention to the features and benefits of their cards successfully draws readers in, leaving them curious for more. “All rewards, no fees.” 

PetalCard’s webcopy follows a clear method. A punchy, modern and appealing one liner clearly sums up certain aspects of their company. “Perks that take your money further. Earn 2–10% cash back and more automatically when you pay with your Petal card at select businesses and top brands.” By highlighting the fact that PetalCard can “take your money further,” readers are encouraged to experience the benefits for themselves. “It pays to be responsible. Get 1% cash back right away. Earn up to 1.5% when you pay on time.” Here, PetalCard smoothly plays with words, noting that responsible card users will be “paid” with rewards. 

“No wallet? No problem. Built for speed, security, and a post-global pandemic world. Connect your Petal card to ApplyPay or GooglePay on your phone, tap and go.” PetalCard is a modern company, responding to modern problems. They’re not afraid to note circumstances such as the most recent pandemic, and how they’re company fits in with the needed solutions for our ever evolving world. PetalCard is a modern company with modern copy that reaches a wide audience to make finance accessible for all. 

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