Human-Speak for Large Audiences: How Brex Succeeds

Fintech giant, Brex, stands out in the world of financing for startups through a humanized voice for its broad target audience. Their no-nonsense copywriting is sure to convert.

Brex offers financing for startups.

Financing for startups can be thorny, from seed money to venture capital funding to a successful IPO. Founders may not know when, or if, they’ll get to the next round of funding. But fintech giant Brex has a solution that provides credit for the needs of growing companies—and website copywriting that surely converts.

The Brex solution is a credit card for companies with funding and sales growth. These companies cannot rely on the owner’s personal guarantee that other business credit cards require, like the Ink Business Cash Credit Card or the Capital One Spark Cash Plus Card. And given the company’s success, there’s a significant market for this new business credit card. 

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The financing for startups market is large

The sweet spot for Brex is companies with at least $50,000 in professionally managed funds or at least $100,000 in cash in a bank account. While that may sound like a specific target market, it isn’t. Their broad client base typically has between 2 and 3,000 employees—a sizable market in the financing for startups market. 

Estimates for the number of new startups vary significantly, but let’s settle on an estimate of a few hundred thousand new startups worldwide per year, with the greatest number of startups located in the U.S. Each of those companies is looking for financing. That’s a HUGE market for Brex—and most likely a good reason for their success. 

Brex uses a humanized voice

So, how do you develop a voice for such a broad target market?

Brex caught our eye for a reason: as soon as you land on the website, you instantly understand what it offers and who needs it. The simplicity of this brand’s offering permeates its straightforward copy. Its plain, simple language leaves no doubt. There’s no need to scroll endlessly or dig deeper through lengthy paragraphs of puffy platitudes and buzzword salads. 

Corporate cards and spend management teams actually love.

Brex for enterprise

Easy-to-use corporate cards and spend management software in an integrated global solution.

Short, three-word headings cut to the chase, letting you know what you can expect in every section of the website—and where you need to take action. The unassuming voice flows seamlessly from topic to topic. Explanatory subheadings follow each header, nailing down selling points to convince you that Brex is the right solution for you. When it comes to copywriting, confident, personal, and relatable are always a winning combination. 

Brex for startups.

The #1 choice for founders — cards, business accounts, and software that scale with you.

And that’s what we all want: website copy that speaks to us like human beings and converts. The human element is neutralized in this age of brands, whose ethos is driven by futile and often annoying attempts to create copy that instantly converts. It’s refreshing to see no-nonsense copywriting that can resonate with a large target audience—and a humanized touch that makes us feel like the company’s speaking directly to us. It’s such a welcome change. 

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Integrate copy with UX design

Beautifully written, humanized copywriting converts, but when the design complements the copy, it’s poised to cut out all the noise from competitors. 

Usability and user experience expert Steve Krug authored a book called Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability. Truer words have never been applied to a book title. His premise: people won’t stay on the page if they have to think too hard about what you’re trying to tell them. 

On the Brex website, it’s the white space—no dizzying graphics or strange colors to distract from the message. Great copywriting deserves room to breathe, and in the competitive world of financing for startups, Brex just gets it. 

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Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson

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