Copy with Crunch: How GoMacro Attracts Shoppers by Highlighting Renewable Energy, Transparency

By giving equal time and care to describe the renewable energy sources used to manufacture its bars as it gives to describing the healthy ingredients themselves, GoMacro signals to consumers that it has a greater commitment and passion for ethical


When brands become hyper-specific on who their typical customer is, they can miss out on opportunities to expand the reach of their message. While it’s good practice to use consumer data to inform key target demographics (married/unmarried, race, gender, etc.), locking your brand into just one type of shopper can end up ignoring a swath of potential consumers.

Anyone who has been to a grocery store in the last ten years has probably noticed the proliferation of snack bars dominating the health foods aisle—and each brand’s varying marketing approach.

KIND bars, drizzled in chocolate and peanut butter with ingredients bonded by honey, position themselves as a satisfying snack you don’t need to feel guilty about. LARABAR takes a more health-forward approach, listing the many attributes (non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, etc.) of its unsweetened bars. Both of these companies have limited website content describing their processes, their background, or specific ingredients. The sites focus on product descriptions while neglecting to tell their bigger brand stories.

Eschewing transparency about their commitment to health and sustainable ingredients can deter the growing percentage of consumers who don’t just want to buy a good product—they want to buy from a good company.

Let’s take a look at GoMacro, a sustainable plant-based food brand with content targeting two different kinds of consumers. Without introducing new products or doing a brand overhaul, GoMacro is able to target consumers precisely because it has an expansive view of who would be attracted to its products, and it is not afraid to open up about its business practices.

GoMacro’s messaging speaks to an audience with a diverse range of views and buying styles, but a shared love for renewable energy and all things natural. Here’s what marketers can learn from its strategy.

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A commitment to renewable energy attracts consumers who look inward and those who look outward

GoMacro’s plant-based protein and snack bars are in a crowded category, but it’s able to set its product apart by highlighting its use of renewable energy in the production process. It delivers that message with copy that appeals to environmentalists and health food advocates alike—beginning with the product names.

Bars named “Timeless Treasure,” Heartwarming Retreat,” and “Simple Splendor,” decorated with imagery of farms, trees and mountains, evoke the beauty of the natural world. The connection is subtle, but innate: a healthy environment grows ingredients that feed a healthier person.

Despite similar goals and lifestyle choices, few brands take advantage of this overlap—making GoMacro a savvier company than its competitors. Its goal is “balance for ourselves and for nature.” And, ironically, it balances two different consumers: “crunchy granola” health food enthusiasts and shoppers passionate about the environment.

There is obviously a shared consumer pattern between these two groups. Both are concerned with ethical consumption and maintaining a healthier environment. Essentially, they have the same values and concerns about their consumership, but applied in different contexts. While environment-focused consumers look at how their consumption affects the world around them (outward), the health-minded consumers focus on how their consumption affects their own body and mind (inward). While these mindsets may appear opposite on paper, their shared values of ethical consumption and corporate transparency unite them.

GoMacro succeeds in reaching both groups with copy that places their product as equally at home in both contexts. Good content marketing is really about placing your product in the ideal context for your consumer to receive it. The GoMacro mission statement begins, “People. Planet. Balance.” It makes both demographics not only feel seen, but like they are in this cause together: people cannot live healthfully while the planet is unhealthy, and the planet cannot be healthy without people striving to help it.

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Trust, but verify: GoMacro’s transparency gives consumers peace of mind

The health food market is full of bold claims, but not often robust science—–something consumers know all too well. Whether it’s someone with a severe allergy making sure a “nut-free” item was actually made in a nut-free environment, or a buyer who is skeptical about a company’s promise to go carbon-neutral, health foods have some of the most investigative consumers scrutinizing their products.

GoMacro makes it easy for consumers—and critics—to verify that it is a green company committed to renewable energy, sustainability, and ethical ingredient sourcing. The “Sustainability” section of its website describes the company’s achievements in off-setting its carbon footprint, transitioning its facility to solar power, and even includes an annual sustainability report. Instead of resting on its laurels, GoMacro also outlines an “11 Point Action Plan” for further improving their sustainability initiatives with concrete measures like, “We will utilize the most environmentally responsible renewable energy opportunities whenever possible,” and, “We will raise awareness of regional and local water issues through education and information sharing.”

But its resources go beyond renewable energy practices to cover other topics, like nutrition, wellness, and low-FODMAP diets. And these aren’t just SEO fluff. All the blogs, recipes, and guides subtly position GoMacro bars as part of these lifestyles while showcasing the company’s foundation in the cutting-edge of nutrition and health. The recipe page declares, “Enjoy our favorite vegan recipes,” subtly informing consumers that people at this company are vegans, too, and they know what other vegans want. The recipes themselves are creative ways to enjoy GoMacro bars, including using them as crusts for vegan cheesecakes, crumbling them over the top of chia puddings, or on top of plant-based ice cream.

Secure in the knowledge that the creators behind GoMacro are what they say they are, consumers can feel good about their purchase. With their trust earned by a transparent display of the facts, they are more likely to return to GoMacro next time they need to buy plant-based bars. And, they may even return to GoMacro’s site to guide their own sustainability practices in the future.

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