How Carbon Counts Uplifts Its Players Through Mobile Gaming

Carbon Counts is changing the way mobile gaming engages with climate matters through transformational and uplifting copy.

Carbon Counts is making a difference with mobile gaming.

The public is finally awake to the threat of climate change—but as consumers, what can we do to help address the crisis? For millions, mobile gaming has become an escape from the real world, offering a digital experience that feeds into the human need for leisure and relaxation. But some canny minds have come up with an elegant way of putting mobile gaming to use for informing consumers of ways they can help tackle climate change.  

EverForest is a new mobile game that invites players to explore worlds and rebuild forests, while simultaneously teaching them about their environmental impact. Built by Carbon Counts, an independent consultancy that advocates for climate change action, the game follows the character M. Nature in their quest to unravel the mysteries behind each tree they plant. Along the way, they unlock animals and plants, the story unfolding right before their eyes.  

Meanwhile, Carbon Counts is committed to regenerating ecosystems by planting, growing, and protecting trees in the real world. The “play-to-plant” game’s goal? To plant 100 million trees by 2025. To that end, the company has partnered with a number of reforestation nonprofits to help regenerate ecosystems. As players escape into the “wonder of nature” to grow flourishing forests and blooming ecosystems, Carbon Counts will plant trees on their behalf in real-life EverForest projects.

As you might expect, EverForest—set to soft-launch next year—has already generated a great deal of hype. Carbon Counts knows that engaging consumers is crucial to the battle against climate change. With copy like “The power of play can change the world” and “You play. We plant. The world prospers,” Carbon Counts directly involves its players in the fight, encouraging them to take action (and have fun along the way). Let’s take a look at how the brand’s copy strategy creates a compelling narrative that convinces players (and investors) that EverForest is worth their time.

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When it comes to the environment, it’s always better to show and not tell

A good copywriter knows the best way to connect with their audience is to show, not tell. A perfect example can be found on Carbon Count’s Take Action page, where the company dives into its plan to translate mobile gaming into newly planted trees. “The right tree, at the right time, in the right place” not only creates a sense of urgency, but also empowers gamers everywhere—regardless of where they are—to make a real impact on climate change, simply through entertainment. 

The Play EverForest! page opens with “Play is powerful. So are you.” This short, attention-grabbing phrase is followed by copy blocks that show the reader exactly what the power of play can accomplish. 

“Play as little or as long as you wish. Come into your forest for a quick merge or to plant a tree—or stay longer and explore more stories and adventures in-game as we plant real trees on your behalf. Join the EverForest Alliance! Together, we’ll re-green the world.”  Here, EverForest shows us how its relaxing gameplay transcends the screen and transforms the real world, and how players everywhere can become “powerful forces of nature.” 

It’s great to share what you do—but it’s even better to show consumers how they can get involved 

Many brands talk about sustainability, but few follow through. And most of the time, their messaging focuses on what the company is doing, making consumers feel like mere spectators. Consumers are passionate about the environment, and like to feel hopeful and optimistic about what they can do to help. But they may not know exactly how to begin. 

Carbon Counts wants its players to know that they can help save the world. It uses strong and clear messaging to empower current players, potential players, and even investors to play EverForest. With copy like “By playing the EverForest game, you’re helping to re-green the world and combat climate change,” Carbon Counts lets players know they’ll be making a difference with each tree they plant in their virtual ecosystem. Short, captivating copy like “Escape into the EverForest” and “Wanted: Forces of nature” can be found across its website, educating and inspiring consumers. These unconventional, playful, and pithy phrases pique the reader’s interest, keeping them engaged and urging them to learn more.

Similarly, copy like “You play. We plant. The world prospers.” continues the conversation. While it’s a bold statement to make, Carbon Counts backs up its words with concrete proof: copy blocks detail exactly how they’re partnering with reforestation nonprofits to plant trees in the real world. EverForest’s story—mixed with transformational and inspirational copy—becomes memorable, thanks to Carbon Count’s commitment to full transparency and accountability.

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Focus on the good (so good things can happen) 

Aside from virtual play, EverForest will feature educational material to help players understand their environmental impact and how they can reduce their footprint. While tackling climate change can seem daunting, EverForest is hoping to advance the conversation—and set itself apart from other mobile gaming companies along the way. 

As the world’s first immersive play-to-plant game, EverForest aims to make it easier for players to make a tangible difference. A few small changes—along with a little fun—can lead to a major impact on the planet.  

“As you discover new plants, animals, stories, and secrets, you’ll prove to be a powerful force of nature,” Carbon Count tells us. Saving the world is an urgent—and tremendously delightful—task. 

EverForest makes it clear that anyone can help build a cleaner environment. Carbon Counts aims to bring people together through engaging game mechanics, a rich story, and a meaningful mission. A whole new mobile gaming experience awaits—as does a greener world. What’s better than that? 

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