How Click and Grow’s Copy Plants the Seed for Indoor Gardening

Click and Grow’s mission is simple: to bring nature into the modern home. Here’s how their website copy encourages people to join their indoor gardening family.

Click and Grow improves the experience of indoor gardening.

Plant care has always been a popular pastime—with good reason. Who wouldn’t enjoy growing their own produce, tending to a beautiful assortment of flowers, and planting nourishing food? Indoor gardening in particular enables people in the city—many of whom have limited sunlight and space—to partake in this timeless activity. 

For some, however, taking care of plants can be a bit of a challenge. Whether due to a busy schedule or a lack of knowledge, any common mistake can easily lead to a pot of brown, withered scraps instead of a beautiful spread of colors. 

Click and Grow, an indoor gardening company, is determined to change the game. Its mission is simple: to “build smart gardens that bridge the gap between modern life and nature.” Raising plants offers people countless benefits, from mental health improvement to cleaner air. 

As with many other innovative solutions, the product started off as a mere idea. Inspired by a NASA report about growing plants in space, founder Mattias Lepp embarked on his own journey to create an independent indoor garden. In 2009, the company finally came to fruition, offering consumers a new way to engage with plant life. 

The best part? Click and Grow makes the hobby easy and stress-free—and the sentiment is well reflected in its website copy. Let’s take a closer look at how it delivers its message. 

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Click and Grow brings gardening to the masses

The company’s About page highlights the concerns of living in a digital, ever-connected society, which can easily result in heightened anxiety, dread, and fatigue. 

The easiest solution? Growing plants. 

Right off the bat, Click and Grow makes a bold declaration about simple joy and accessibility. “Everyone deserves to experience the benefits of having a garden.” 

The sentence is clear, concise, and relevant. It gets straight to the point without overly flowery language or exaggerated prose. Simply put, gardening is enjoyable, and it should be available to all who are interested—regardless of location, availability, or other factors.

Click and Grow makes it clear that indoor gardens fill a crucial need. According to the copy, its smart gardens “make it possible to grow plants 365 days a year” by taking care of watering, lighting, and nutrients—and, in turn, allowing the gardener to simply reap and enjoy the harvest. Now, the fun of gardening can last all year—and customers won’t have to put in too much time and effort to enjoy it.

For people with busy schedules, or for those without a green thumb, Click and Grow can be a godsend. And by painting it as an accessible hobby, Click and Grow subtly pushes curious site visitors to browse—and hopefully purchase—its products.

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Click and Grow actively engages with its indoor gardening community

Click and Grow uses its blog to interact with gardeners all over the world. Some posts highlight “Gardeners of the Month,” with individual stories of indoor gardening journeys. Others provide recipes, helpful tips, and listicles that highlight the advantages of indoor gardening—and why Click and Grow is a valuable resource for those diving into plant care. 

In “Click & Grow: Growing Around the World,” the writer states, “Indoor gardeners are beautifully eccentric. They love growing plants. To them it’s not just a hobby—it’s a passion.” 

Here, the company intentionally builds a unique persona for indoor gardeners with unabashed pride, spotlighting their commitment to their beloved plants. Then, they zoom out and emphasize the global indoor gardening community: “We’re always inspired to hear of Click & Growers finding success growing plants around the world. In the past year alone, we’ve welcomed 4000 new members to our community.” 

By spotlighting individual gardeners and acknowledging a greater collective, Click and Grow fosters a space where people can feel genuine belonging. What’s more, “Click & Growers” isn’t just limited to urban residents who want to grow plants in small apartment units. Gardeners in South Africa, Hong Kong, and the Arctic can harness smart gardens for their enjoyment and diet. (Fun fact: Click and Grow makes an appearance in George Clooney’s The Midnight Sky, set in the Arctic.)

The post concludes with an inspirational testament to the broader community. “Together we’ll grow a healthier, happier world, one plant at a time,” it reads.

Click and Grow consistently uplifts the voices of its customers. By emphasizing the “together,” the company reminds the reader that indoor gardening is meant to be experienced with others—and it has the power to form connections that can’t be uprooted.

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Shi-won Oh

Shi-won Oh

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