Lock Your Digital Doors: How Cloudflare Markets Security Against Hacker Threats

Ransomware and hackers make businesses of all kinds vulnerable to cyberattacks. Here's what marketers can learn from Cloudflare, one of the major players in website security.


Companies today service more and more proprietary data obtained through public-facing websites—and with more data comes more people looking to steal it. 

Every day, new ransomware appears on the business scene, infecting the network of any given unsuspecting corporate enterprise and siphoning private information of clients and business partners contained within. 

Hackers then post this data publicly onto sites blacklisted by search engines that make up The Dark Web, and will only remove the data and ransomware from the company’s infected machines once a ransom is paid—hence the name ransomware.

Worse yet, ransomware is just one kind of malware on the black market. There are hundreds, and new ones seem to pop up every day which threaten to violate the digital security of millions.

Cloudflare delivers content more securely to attract global audiences

While ostensibly a content delivery network, Cloudflare is one of the major players fighting the good fight against hackers. With the help of some firm marketing tactics, the company lets cyberattackers know they’re not welcome with Cloudflare’s customers. 

The front page of its website displays an inviting white background with a right-aligned illustration of the earth. At first glance, this might make Cloudflare seem like a bunch of softies to digital bad actors. 

But note the phrase, “A global network built for the cloud.” With this succinct tagline, Cloudflare says, “Our security services are everywhere, and we employ sophisticated cloud-based approaches to keeping your company safe from cybersecurity threats.” In other words, Cloudflare is positioning its security services onto the world stage, one which makes every company in the world a part of its potential audience. 

Scroll down and you’re greeted by more copy supporting this central thesis, such as: “Cloudflare One delivers networking and security as one cloud-native architecture.”

And you will be scrolling: Cloudflare’s front page is long, full of proprietary technologies, proper nouns, and namechecks of notable companies they service, like tech giant IBM and lending marketplace juggernaut LendingTree. 

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The message? Security on an unprecedented global scale

The wealth of information on Cloudflare’s site can be summed up in one overarching brand message: Cloudflare keeps anybody safe from cyber threats, and they know what they’re talking about. No matter your malicious intent, whether you’re looking to infect a network with ransomware or deploy a single-use trojan to phish for one-time passwords, Cloudflare will stop you in your tracks.

Viewed from another angle, those curious to embed Cloudflare into their tech ecosystem are likely to read this barrage of marketing as a balm. 

People are noticing these marketing efforts. Their stock rose nearly a whopping 21% in April 2021 after announcing a lucrative partnership with NVIDIA. This essentially allows Cloudflare to leverage the chip maker’s AI capabilities so that developers can deploy applications using NVIDIA’s machine learning models to be faster and more secure. Simply put, Cloudflare isn’t resting on its laurels.

Partnering with NVIDIA brings Cloudflare success at scale

MarketSmiths’ own Daniel DiGriz, head of the marketing company MadPipe and board member of Ithaca College’s cybersecurity program, had this to say about the Cloudflare x NVIDIA development: “Cloudflare has always been about making your website more stable & secure, and this partnership with a major game chip maker like NVIDIA makes them a huge differentiator in website security.”

Everyone loves NVIDIA products—they currently have an 83% market share compared to competitor AMD’s 17%. Cloudflare touting their partnership with the leader in graphics chips positions them to see blistering, repeated success on their already global scale, and for years to come. This partnership is a powerful aspect of Cloudflare’s go-to-market strategy. After all, how many companies can say their latest products take advantage of tech from a marketplace leader? 

In doing so, Cloudflare can more easily market NVIDIA-enhanced products to massive organizations like Shopify and IBM, all the while continuing their existing strategy of offering new services free to individuals and smaller businesses. Being diverse and agile in their security offerings has helped deliver the company exceedingly positive mindshare that’s resulted in one of the best-performing companies on the stock market in the last year.

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Cloudflare isn’t the only one making moves in website security

Wordfence specializes in providing firewall and malware security specifically for WordPress, one of the most prominently used content management systems on the internet. Just like Cloudflare, they use a model of the earth to demonstrate their worldwide reach. 

iThemes Security positions itself as a direct competitor to Wordfence with a declarative tagline reading, “The Best WordPress Security Plugin to Secure & Protect WordPress.” A big statement, but perhaps not as big as antivirus titan McAfee’s emotional gut punch of an opener topping its highly modern, clean website: “Protecting what matters most – you.” And who could forget Norton, whose site has a similar visual appeal as McAfee, albeit a bit briefer and more to the point.

That’s just a grab bag of today’s top players. In truth, there’s no shortage of companies popping up that could be primed to own and maybe even revolutionize the website security space—and with more and more business enterprises feeling the piercing gaze of hacker eyes on their data, this ride is showing no signs of slowing down. The only question left: are you secure, too?

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