How Flatiron Health Bridges the Gap Between Cancer Treatment and Research

Flatiron Health is on a mission to improve cancer treatment. With clear, confident copy, the healthcare technology company compels healthcare professionals to join its cause.

Flatiron Health pushes for innovation in cancer treatment.

Flatiron Health is a healthcare technology company committed to advancing cancer treatment and medical research. By centering its work around patient experiences and partnering with health organizations, Flatiron Health pioneers oncology on multiple fronts. Its mission is three-fold:

  • Improve the patient experience by aligning care with scientific research 
  • Make real-world data more accessible and inclusive 
  • Provide a digital solution that helps healthcare professionals make data-driven decisions

With clear, confident website copy, Flatiron Health invites its audience to be a part of its story. It acknowledges the many challenges patients face as they undergo cancer treatment, all while enabling healthcare professionals to fight the disease by using digital solutions and operating as a team. 

Here are a few ways how. 

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Flatiron highlights the value of a unified healthcare community

Flatiron Health’s website greets visitors with a simple yet captivating heading: Cancer is smart. Together, we can be smarter. 

Currently, cancer is the world’s second leading cause of death. It’s a tricky, often unpredictable disease for patients to navigate, completely disrupting and derailing their lives. Without adding any fluff, the first part of the website heading acknowledges this heavy reality. 

At the same time, patients and their families don’t need to fight their diagnosis alone. By finishing with “Together, we can be smarter,” Flatiron Health emphasizes the importance and power of community. Facing cancer without any guidance can be daunting and discouraging. But thanks to a dedicated team of doctors and scientists who devote their time to cancer treatment, there’s hope in every situation.

The website further supports this vision: “Clinicians, researchers and regulators rely on Flatiron technology and evidence to learn faster and power smarter care for every patient. Because transforming cancer care takes all of us.” 

Transforming cancer care takes all of us” is immensely powerful: it puts responsibility on the clinicians, researchers, and regulators involved with each patient. While cancer can feel like a goliath, healthcare experts will still be able to pack a punch once they join forces and work as a unit. 

Flatiron proves its commitment to growth with true stories

Cancer treatment requires constant innovation and change. As patients’ needs continue to evolve, healthcare professionals must learn how to adapt accordingly. Flatiron Health lists a set of core values that mirror this:

  1. Solve problems that matter
  2. Be kind
  3. Start with why
  4. Think yes before no 
  5. Focus on your customer
  6. Seek feedback at 30%
  7. Be willing to sit on the floor
  8. Know when to startup and when to scale
  9. Learn, teach and grow
  10. Do the right thing 

Employees of different backgrounds—from product design to client services—flesh out each value with a personal story that demonstrates how they embody their beliefs. Whether it’s simple kindness and compassion or a willingness to learn, they make it clear that they reflect, learn, and contribute to the company’s vision. 

Consider one of their values: “Think yes before no.” An employee narrates a personal experience where they addressed a problem with a solution-oriented mindset and ended up with a helpful approach. Instead of taking the easy way out, they refused to take no for an answer—and learned a valuable lesson along the way. 

By attaching these anecdotes to each core value, Flatiron Health actively proves that its claims aren’t just lip service to draw in clients. The company is fully committed to growth—not just to progress as an organization, but to make a tangible impact on long-term cancer treatment. 

Flatiron uplifts voices to advance its mission

Cancer treatment is often a painful and grueling process for everyone involved. It can evoke complex emotions, from defeat and anxiety to gratitude and hope. In the face of uncertainty, it’s important to remember that human vulnerability isn’t a weakness. If anything, it can be an incredible source of strength—and Flatiron Health proves it through its blog posts.

The blog houses a section titled “Flatiron Stories” where, like the website’s “Our Values” page, employees detail their personal experiences with cancer or illness. They explore their deepest moments of fear, whether they’ve encountered cancer themselves or witnessed a loved one struggle with a diagnosis. At the same time, they provide deeper insight into the company’s mission.

The Big C,” for example, paints a picture of a wife and husband as the latter undergoes several procedures to treat testicular cancer. Nicole Santamorena, Flatiron Health’s clinical abstraction manager, provides a timeline of her spouse’s treatment and the difficulties they faced as a family. She now strives to be a part of a solution that can help others facing the difficulties of a cancer diagnosis.

Nicole concludes, “My own life experience yields a deeper perspective of how the learnings from each cancer patient can help others. Alone, each chart contains a single patient journey. Collectively, their journeys write the story of hope for the future.”

It’s a powerful reflection—one that shows just a small glimpse of the collaborative mindset Flatiron Health stands for.

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Together, all things are possible

Every year, cancer affects millions of people all over the world. Effective cancer treatment truly takes a village—and when a community like Flatiron Health collectively chooses to listen to, support, and empower a patient, they get a step closer to finding transformative solutions.

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