How Grove’s Mission-Driven Copy Spotlights Sustainable Products

Grove Collaborative sells quality sustainable products that heal the planet and clean the home. With confident and inspiring website copy, it compels people to join a community dedicated to making the world a better place.

Grove's copy stresses the importance of sustainable products.

With fresh and mission-driven copy, Grove Collaborative encourages customers to make small changes that lead to a greener, more ethical lifestyle. As a Certified B Corporation, it strives to create a “world where all choices are sustainable choices.” by selling 150+ sustainable products that meet their four-point standard: “uncompromisingly healthy, beautifully effective, ethically produced, and cruelty-free.”

From its About Page to its blog, Grove makes its goal clear: “We’re creating a world where products you use at home actually do good for people and the planet.” Thoughtfully, yet confidently, it explores the power of a purchase, especially when it comes to healing the earth—and how people don’t always have to make large, life-altering sacrifices to make a real difference. 

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Grove stresses the ease of switching to sustainable products

Committing to sustainability can be intimidating, especially for those who are just getting started. Whether due to a lack of variety or direction, people may not know the proper steps to take when swapping out their current household and personal care products with more eco-friendly options. 

To address these potential challenges, Grove’s website explains how it streamlines the shopping experience with clarity and confidence: “We take the guesswork out of going green. From laundry detergent to lip balm, we make it easy to find healthy, sustainable products.” 

Grove uses direct (but catchy—note the alliteration) language to get its point across, and tries to convince readers that it can fulfill their needs effectively. By taking “the guesswork out of going green,” it tackles the confusion and uncertainty that often comes with switching to a sustainable lifestyle. 

The company also meets customers in the middle while pursuing its vision for an eco-friendly world. It explains, “You should never have to compromise between a clean home and a clean planet. At Grove, you don’t have to.” 

As enthusiastic as people may be about adjusting their purchasing habits, this sentence helps reassure them that they won’t have to sacrifice quality to live sustainably. By making itself a reliable source for healthy home essentials, Grove establishes a deeper sense of trust, ensuring that it truly cares about the sustainable products it sells—and what customers use to take care of their homes.

Grove’s blog is a wealth of knowledge for its collaborative

Grove’s blog works to educate and empower customers in various stages of their environmental journey. It covers important aspects of sustainable living, publishing best plastic-free practices and promoting healthier, greener product alternatives. The featured posts are diverse and highly relevant: some center on bigger issues that impact the earth, and others focus on smaller, more specific aspects of a person’s daily routine. 

For instance, an article titled “How much plastic is in the ocean? 10 ways to keep it clean” provides a basic overview of the plastic crisis, presents potential solutions, and explains that using sustainable products is just one of many ways to reduce plastic waste. Grove stresses its own commitments on becoming plastic-free, stating, “Through sustained effort, innovation, and forward-thinking, Grove is on track to eliminate plastic from everything we make and sell by 2025…Plastic-free is possible, and it’s time for our industry and others to be the change.” 

Grove explores the nuances of a real global issue, and how the everyday person can do their part in solving it—but also makes sure to follow its words with tangible action. It doesn’t just press its customers to shift their priorities and buy its products, but takes direct ownership, demonstrating its own efforts to be more eco-conscious and protect the planet. 

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So, while Grove strives to embrace sustainability on a larger scale, it encourages its customers to do the same in any shape or form that best suits their circumstances. Every action counts, whether it’s an organization that uses alternative packaging methods or a homeowner using tree-free paper products and wool drying balls.

While it’ll be difficult to see immediate results, green companies like Grove stress that positive change takes time and patience—and that any amount of effort can go a long way. When it comes to creating a better earth for the next generation, this doesn’t seem like a high price to pay.

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Shi-won Oh

Shi-won Oh

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