How NextEra Energy Reshapes the Language Around Renewable Energy

Today’s businesses are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and build a more sustainable future. NextEra Energy’s thoughtful and inclusive copy strategy outshines that of their competitors.

NextEra uses brilliant copy to sell renewable energy.

NextEra Energy’s mission is simple: to decarbonize the future with renewable energy. Decarbonization—or the process of reducing carbon emissions—has become crucial, especially in the face of rising global CO2 emissions. 

As America’s leading renewable resource provider, NextEra Energy guides businesses toward long-term sustainability solutions. The company has invested more than $50 billion in planned energy infrastructure through 2022, creating thousands of high-paying jobs while reshaping the way we harvest energy. 

Renewable power is our best—or perhaps our only—bet. NextEra Energy tells us as much, all thanks to a winning copy strategy. 

When it comes to renewable energy, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy

NextEra Energy’s copy is inclusive, optimistic, and effortlessly concise. The company makes it clear that embracing renewable energy is crucial, regardless of where a business may be on the path to sustainability. 

“Don’t know where to start?” its website asks. “No two clean energy strategies look the same. We choose, combine, and customize the right solutions for every partner’s needs.”

NextEra Energy realizes that not all companies know how to incorporate renewable energy into their business. Its copy reassures prospective customers that they can also participate in this exciting new space—without overhauling their day-to-day operations. “Every organization follows its own path to decarbonization,” it explains.

It’s simple and to the point—perhaps excessively so. But when you’re dealing with complex topics, sometimes a straight-to-the-point approach is exactly what you need. NextEra Energy offers a clear and straightforward message: we will meet your needs, whatever they may be. 

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Cleanliness is next to godliness 

It’s only right that a clean energy company should champion clean, digestible copy. Instead of flooding its website with huge blocks of text, NextEra Energy limits its copy to relevant and compelling details. By doing so, the company skillfully informs the reader without overstating its points or sacrificing urgency. 

Take its front-page banner, for example: “Shifting to clean energy isn’t an option. It’s the solution.” A pithy, urgent, and well-placed line says more than a thick and technical paragraph ever could.

For many businesses, sustainability solutions are still relatively new. NextEra Energy understands that keeping its copy short and to the point helps convey necessary information without overwhelming its audience. 

The takeaway? Say what you need to say, and say it well. Your audience will thank you. 

NextEra Energy makes its excellence known 

Within the electric and gas utilities industry, NextEra Energy tops Fortune‘s list of the World’s Most Admired Companies. As a leading U.S. energy provider, the company acknowledges its reputation as a trailblazer in renewable energy development and infrastructure. 

NextEra Energy doesn’t downplay the challenges of cultivating sustainability. “Transitioning your business to renewables takes some heavy planning,” it states. 

But the right partner can make all the difference. “It helps to have a sustainability expert on your side. As the world’s leading provider of sustainable solutions, NextEra Energy knows exactly what it takes for you to overcome the toughest challenges and deliver on your energy objectives.” This language inspires trust and builds credibility—both essential to winning over your audience. 

Rebuilding efforts needed sparkling copy

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A future we can count on

NextEra Energy’s plans go above and beyond those of its competitors. It recently launched Real Zero, an initiative that aims to eliminate 100% of its carbon emissions.

“[There’s] a real plan for Real Zero,” its website declares. The repetition turns heads. Real problems require real solutions—and thanks to NextEra Energy, a greener future doesn’t have to be a mere pipe dream. 

Accessible, effective web copy can sell renewable energy in new ways. In today’s world, that’s a must. NextEra Energy instills in its audience a sense that—as daunting as the problem may seem—there’s still reason for hope.

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