How’s Copy Sells Ordinary People on AI-managed Investment

Many non-professional investors are looking to for AI-managed investment help. Let’s consider how appeals to a new wave of investors with simple and approachable copy.

AI-managed investments are easy with

In early 2021, something remarkable happened: thousands of people began investing with what amounts to pocket money, and many of them saw big returns. Since these so-called “meme stocks” drew the attention of the world, more and more people have become interested in getting a piece of the action. But where should a new investor begin? Here, as in most other places, people look for convenience, and accessible investing applications provide it with simple, straightforward interfaces. Some of these applications incorporate AI-managed investment into their business model, making it even simpler for new investors to start reaping rewards. knows that new investors—particularly those who spend a lot of time online—are interested in the possibilities of AI-managed investments, especially when it means they can derive benefits. But to share these benefits, they need a marketing strategy that speaks to this audience.  And one of the essential components of any marketing strategy is taking the right approach to copywriting.

Their approach follows a few basic guidelines. Less is more. Know who you’re talking to. Tell them what they need to know. It’s simple enough. But when brands seek to reach an online demographic, these pillars are crucial. Read on to see how’s understated copy and precise understanding of its audience help them meet their aims. 

Learn why the best return on your marketing dollar comes from copywriting. connects with new investors by keeping it simple

Finance can be intimidating for newcomers, even if the app they use offers AI-managed investments. Aimed at new investors looking to learn more about the stock market and potentially throw their hat in the ring,’s website and application copy is refreshingly simple, aiming to empower and entertain with copy that’s brief but memorable. Website slogans like “hedge without the headache” and “here’s what easy looks like” are pithy and impactful. Their tone is confident, but playful: assured of the strength of their product, but not above making a joke here and there. Most importantly, they stress convenience: “Investing can be super simple and fun. Make your selections, and keep an eye on your progress.” Instructions, yes, but instructions to—more or less—sit back and watch the money come rolling in.

Every word on the website has a purpose, laying out exactly what the audience needs to know and getting to the point right away. Within seconds of visiting the website, visitors receive the call to “join the personal wealth movement,” and any follow-up questions they might have find swift answers. What is A “high octane” AI-managed investment app. What does it do? “Our AI makes investment decisions better than the average human.” How does it work? “Log in. Fund your account. Pick your Investment Kits. And you’re done. One-click investing. Simply beautiful.” Clear, concise web copy. That’s beautiful, too. 

Approachable copy knows its audience

When copywriters know precisely who they’re speaking to, they’re able to make their messaging as specific and direct as possible. This makes the writing process easier and the end result more effective. In the case of, the writers clearly know that they’re not trying to reach stock market geniuses and hedge fund sharks. When web copy calls for visitors to join them in “hacking Wall Street,” this CTA appeals to a young and very online demographic of investors who are looking to shake up the stock market status quo. “Level up your investment game,” they say. “In just 2 minutes, iQ will help you become the expert your friends go to for investing advice.” This hits the nail on the head: they’re speaking to an aspiring investor, probably in a group chat with his friends or active in online forums. is also aware of the steep learning curve most of its audience will face. This is probably why, even when gets into the weeds of its offerings, the copy is charming and brief. “Here’s what easy looks like.” This beginning to a brief, step-by-step rundown of the app’s functions speaks to a reader who wants a clear and simple explanation. “We do the work, you learn along the way.” We’re all used to apps making our lives easier, and AI-managed investments make that possible. That’s what tells us—and for a prospective user, this is exactly what they want to know.

Thought leadership drives a personal wealth movement

In addition to stellar web copy, writers also make their case with thoughtful contributions to publications like Forbes. These pieces appeal to the emotional investments (no pun intended) that many people have in developing personal wealth. “How Do Investors Prepare For A Recession?” The title asks the question on every investor’s mind, and the article that follows provides the answers in language that is as direct as the copy on’s website. “Investors need to understand a recession, bear market, and bear market rallies to limit losses,” they say. “Take advantage of the slow economy to save money and make money.” There’s no minced words here. is the expert on AI-managed investment meeting the audience right where they’re at. Brevity only enhances the aura of expertise around the company. Time is money, and doesn’t waste a second—or a syllable.  

Private equity advisors got a website that won over clients

Private equity advisory firm Compello Partners had successfully harvested strong returns for its clients for more than two decades, but was short on time when it came to writing a website. By learning the firm’s nuances and industry complexities, we saved Compello significant time—while crafting engaging, effective site copy to draw in new clients. Today, Compello keeps our writers at the helm for case studies, sales decks, and other marketing materials as they continue to grow. 

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AI-managed investments don’t have to be complicated. Neither does copywriting. offers an easy-to-understand message. Investing can be easy and fun. builds diverse investment portfolios for its users, with recommendations and adjustments as new and better funds become available. achieves this with advanced AI-managed investment technology. Investing doesn’t have to be Wall Street brokers in flashy suits, anymore. Not all copy has to be flashy, either. is a perfect example of how understated but well-crafted copy can be effective—especially when married to a great product. 

For copywriting made simple, call MarketSmiths.

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