How Sense’s Accessible Copy Inspires Audiences to Take Energy Monitoring Action

Sense takes environmental responsibility and energy monitoring to a whole new level. With clear and empowering web copy, the brand motivates readers to take action.

Sense empowers customers to take control of energy monitoring.

Climate change is a worldwide concern—one that consumers are increasingly eager to take into their own hands. The market for climate-saving innovation is not only important in its own right, but also driven by soaring demand. Enter energy monitoring, which merges data acquisition with energy consumption to provide detailed information on energy use. This innovation helps homeowners save money on energy bills while also reducing carbon emissions.

Sense is an energy monitoring company that aims to help everyday people take control of their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint. With a mission to “reduce global carbon emissions by making homes smart and efficient,” Sense harnesses machine learning to reimagine home energy usage and inform homeowners on energy efficiency. 

Its home energy monitoring system lives inside electrical panels and connects to the Sense app, which allows users to visualize and track their home’s energy usage. It breaks down energy consumption in real time to help homeowners identify energy- and money- saving opportunities.

“Welcome to Sense. Take command of your energy use with total home monitoring.” Sense uses strong and clear messaging to empower its readers, encouraging them to spearhead their own energy journey.  

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Sense masters clear messaging 

Sense knows that its audience is ready for innovative climate solutions. It also knows that its audience doesn’t need (or necessarily want) every single detail about its technology. The brand keeps its copy clear, consistent, and free of excess information. In this way, Sense makes itself accessible to audiences while also inspiring trust.   

A perfect example of this can be found on its product page, where the company highlights the money-saving features of its energy monitoring system. “On average, with Sense installed, you can save up to 9% on your energy bill.” Readers don’t need to know how Sense can save them money, but rather that it can. Sense advertises all the benefits of its product without overexplaining the mechanics.

Its product page opens with a thought-provoking question: “What if you could power your home with clean energy—without solar panels?” This piques the reader’s interest and encourages them to learn more. 

Sense’s declarative tone remains consistent throughout its web copy. Succinct, eye-catching statements like “Save energy. Save money.” motivate readers to take action without overcomplicating its message.

Less does more

Energy conservation technology isn’t an easy thing to market. Considering it’s a relatively new and complex technology, companies like Sense not only have to sell products, but also teach their audiences about what might be (for many) a whole new topic. While it may sound counterintuitive, using fewer words to explain complicated topics is far more effective than the alternative. Sense is a perfect example of the power of brevity. 

Sense encourages its customers to “See what’s up. Know what’s on.” Its assertive, to-the-point tone skillfully guides readers through its site without overwhelming them. These quick, eye-catching bites of copy help Sense show rather than tell, empowering homeowners to take control of their energy usage.

Good slogans help company websites shine. Slogans—and all copywriting, for that matter—should be optimistic, clear, and consistent. While it doesn’t necessarily have a standout slogan, Sense does harness copy that’s both commanding and affirming. Above all else, it keeps it simple: “Connect with your home.” This wording clearly conveys what Sense does as a company, but does not attempt to give too much away or overexplain its mission. 

Sense leverages its unique smart tech to set itself apart from other tech companies. “See what’s happening at home. With machine learning device detection and smart plug integrations, Sense shows you what’s turned on and off, so you gain insight you can’t get from other smart devices.” We’re already living in a world driven by smart technology, but Sense’s smart tech is different—it gives you that extra (and essential) advantage, helping you take charge of your own home.

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Success stories go a long way

Under the “Get Inspired” tab, blog titles like “These Users Have Saved Almost $5,000 with Sense,” “Getting Closer to Net Zero,” and “Five Ways Sense Makes Your Home Safer” are not only informative, but also inspiring. Sense captivates its readers with relatable content while also reminding them why its products are essential. 

The company opens its testimonials page with unique alliteration: “Sense saves.” Sense demonstrates its value and impact by letting its customers speak for it. By sharing real-life success stories, Sense humanizes its brand while also providing readers with true proof of its product’s power. Highlighting experiences in this way also creates a sense of community, and points to new and evolving ways its technology can help homeowners. With headlines like “Sense exposed a billing error” and “Sense helped us avoid food poisoning,” Sense proves it can streamline day-to-day life and create lasting change.

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Zoe Tanner

Zoe Tanner

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