How Misty Encourages Learning with Friendly Webcopy

Misty Robotics uses a friendly voice in their site’s webcopy. They invite readers to get to know Misty through a warm and cordial tone.

Social robots like Misty are revolutionary.

We live in the future. Social robots—artificial intelligence designed specifically to interact with humans—are on the rise, and with great innovation efforts, we’re only at the precipice of seeing all that robotics can do. 

Enter Misty. With big eyes and a large tank tread, Misty is here to teach learners about the technology that powers her, giving them a foundation in STEM principles. When marketing Misty, the company goes out of their way to make social robots relatable to a larger audience, one that might not necessarily know much about robots to begin with, and Misty is here to teach them.

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Humanizing robots 

It’s hard to make robots relatable to an everyday human audience. The Misty team knows this and takes pains to humanize their robot. One key detail: Misty uses she/her/hers pronouns. She is “always looking forward to her next conversation.” Giving Misty pronouns is a great way to humanize her and easily talk about what qualities she offers without sounding too complicated or technical. In the U.S., 74.3% of teachers are female, so it makes sense that Misty, a teacher in her own right, is female-coded. 

Misty Robotics opens their website with an introduction. “Meet Misty, the world’s most lovable robot.” Painting Misty as “loveable” invokes audiences with a resonating feeling, one they might connect to a pet or young family member. But Misty is more than a robotic toy: she’s also a learning tool and companion. “Built with the best technology available, Misty is your companion to explore the world of social robots…Misty sees a world of possibilities through her advanced visual processing tools.” 

Even though Misty is a robot, she can easily operate in the human world. “Misty is not only a great listener, but can also accurately make sense of what you’re saying. Her natural language understanding (NLU) system gives her the ability to convert words and sentences into intents, letting you decide what she should do.” Here we see another aspect of Misty’s personality: she’s a “great listener” who understands what you say.  

At every turn, the site copy makes Misty seem human and relatable. “Misty likes to stay in tip top shape, so we’ve equipped her with some safety measures. Her hazard system will stop the drive motors if she collides with an obstacle, tips over, or encounters a sharp dropoff, letting you focus on navigating to your destination.” While Robots don’t really have “likes” or “dislikes,” saying that Misty enjoys staying in “tip top shape” packs a quirky punch.

Misty also comes with accessories. “With Misty’s backpack, you have the opportunity to extend your robot with new electrical components.” Calling it a “backpack” instead of a “control panel,” attaching Misty to an everyday human object, further humanizes her to audiences. The creative language used in Misty Robotics’ webcopy is a great example of how humanizing efforts add value when marketing a complicated, even technical brand.

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Encouragement instills trust

Instilling trust is essential when marketing social robots. Misty Robotics differentiates themselves from other robotics companies by highlighting ease and enjoyability. “Quick, easy and fun to get started!” In fact, they even invite robotics newbies to participate in the fun. “No robotics experience? No problem! Misty has you covered.” The Misty Robotics team knows that they’re speaking to a range of audiences, from beginners to experts alike. “Misty’s physical extensibility is designed to grow with you.” 

Their messaging encourages anyone, regardless of expertise level, to enjoy the wonder of social robots. “Misty takes care of all the robotic tasks, so that you can focus on the creative, fun elements of making robot interactions.” Spotlighting the “creative and fun” elements of what Misty can do speaks to the artist in all of us and piques interest. They also express how easy it is to play with Misty. “With Misty’s visual programming tool, building robot interactions is easy.” The Misty Robotics team calls attention to Misty’s “unlimited programming opportunities,” appealing to a wide range of users and sparks excitement. By featuring Misty’s limitless programming capabilities, readers feel encouraged to play and learn endlessly. 

When it comes to marketing a new product (like social robots), instilling a sense of wonder encourages exploration. While Misty’s operating systems are quite sophisticated, the copywriting used to market her is accessible and that makes all the difference. 

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Zoe Tanner

Zoe Tanner

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