How Tend Reimagines Healthcare Copywriting for Dentistry

Beautiful exam rooms, friendly staff, and expert care are just a few aspects that make Tend an extraordinary dental experience. Through friendly and crisp webcopy, Tend excites audiences about oral health.

Tend brings expert healthcare copywriting to dentistry.

“Going to the dentist” and “good time” are not two phrases that most people would put in the same sentence, but Tend is changing that. Friendly staff, gorgeous design, and a non-judgmental, science-backed care plan, are all a part of what helps Tend bring the future of dentistry to the present—and their healthcare copywriting certainly doesn’t hurt. 

Tend harnesses the pillars of effective webcopy with upstanding healthcare copywriting that invokes a warm, inviting, and friendly tone. Tend excites audiences about visiting their office, while also instilling trust. 

Their mission statement is bold, but not confrontational. They’re here to soothe you. “Tend is a team of dentists, hygienists, and designers who believe taking care of your mouth can be something to look forward to. Yep, you heard us right. At our studios, we provide care you trust, while making the experience comforting.” 

Would you believe that going to the dentist could be a fun, fresh, and modern experience? With Tend’s healthcare copywriting, you will. 

Tend has a fresh take on healthcare copywriting

Tend is dentistry for the twenty-first century. They help patients “look forward to the dentist,” with “beautiful, modern studios,” a “top rated clinical team,” and “science based care.” They speak to their audience through a friendly and informative tone that creates a sense of comfort and luxury still within the reach of ordinary patients.

“Let’s do dental differently. At Tend oral care isn’t just about your mouth (although we take your mouth very seriously). It’s about making humans happy. That’s why Tend is our name. We took the first four letters of ‘dental,’ mixed them up, and turned them into a word about caring for others.” 

The team at Tend uses their webcopy to shine a light on how their business differs from traditional dentists. The fact that their brand name is an anagram of the first four letters in the word “dental” doesn’t just speak to the obvious (that Tend offers modern, caring dentistry), it also demonstrates their playful attitude and fresh perspective. 

Their webcopy is simple yet effective. Clear one-liners speak directly to their audience. “Top-rated clinicians and no judgment, ever.” Tend successfully acknowledges the issues that some people face with outdated dental practices while positively pointing out exactly how and why their dental offices are better—all in less than ten words. Millennials, their target audience, are famously against judgmental attitudes, and Tend reassures them that they’re not like other dentists who might scold you for not flossing twice a day. 

They promise: “Care at Tend isn’t just painless, it’s a pleasure.” It’s quick and alliterative, clear and concise, and, above all, approachable. Keeping up this tone might seem like a challenge when you’re putting together webcopy for a service that most people, frankly, prefer to avoid. But in fact, it’s the most effective choice you can make.

Every aspect of Tend’s operations offers support and care for their dental patients. “We’ve reimagined every detail of your dental exam,” they say. Their dental care goes above and beyond that of an ordinary dentist’s office. They’re patient-focused, with comprehensive dental care that remains individualized and friendly. “An exam that’s designed to prevent problems, instead of just solving them” is what they promise, attacking a common pain point and explaining what they do better in a single phrase.

A major healthcare firm found how to connect to patients

A $4 billion healthcare firm was undergoing a major rebrand—aimed at expelling medical jargon and connecting with patients on a personal level. None of this was easy. Time was short, and the company included over a dozen hospitals, each with its own brand vocabulary. But by crafting a comprehensive 13-page style guide, we quickly got everyone onboard, even across 2,200+ pages and 35+ websites. Pretty soon, we helped Advent Health publish thousands of words of incisive, human copy—distinguishing them in a crowded field and getting patients comfortable on their healthcare journeys. 

Read the full case study here.

Tend’s product descriptions inspire action 

Just as Tend’s healthcare copywriting excites audiences about going to the dentist, Tend markets its exclusive oral care products with words that excite audiences about mouth health. Their “Tender Toothpaste” is “a smoother, kinder-to-your-mouth toothpaste that strengthens and protects precious enamel.” Just as the dental experience at Tend is “kinder-to-your-mouth” with friendly, non-judgmental staff, the product description for “Tender Toothpaste” is (in a way) the Tend experience in a tube. 

Their “Tonic Mouth Rinse” is “a luxe, refillable glass decanter with our magically soothing, hardworking, alcohol-free rinse.” Even their tongue brush and counter cup spark action. The “Tidy Tongue” is “the missing piece of your oral wellness routine,” while the “Swishy Swirly Counter Cup” lets you “own a piece of the Tend experience.”

These descriptions cleverly summarize the product while matching Tend’s friendly tone and leaving a lasting impression on readers. Who doesn’t feel a twinge for the Swishy Swirly Counter Cup? It reminds you of when you were a kid and going to the dentist was fun, even if there’s no (sugar-free) lollipop at the end. 

Tend modernizes dentistry with engaging healthcare copywriting that is clean, fresh, and leaves audiences smiling—much like the feeling one has after a pleasant trip to the dentist. It offers a valuable lesson: when you’re trying to sell an experience most people find unpleasant, the key is to acknowledge what they’ve gone through in the past—and make a promise not to repeat it.

Make your audience smile with healthcare copywriting that mirrors your brand’s unique outlook with the experts at MarketSmiths

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