How Triodos’s Copy Invokes Authority to Champion Sustainable Finance

With greenhouse gas emissions reaching record highs, the call for sustainable finance is growing. Here’s how Triodos, a sustainability trailblazer, is persuading its customers and industry leaders to follow its example.

Triodos convinces customers sustainable finance can work for them.

Triodos Bank has specialized in sustainable finance—or financial services that integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards into the decision-making process—for more than 40 years. Its goal? To reach net zero emissions by 2035. 

The company is taking clear, forward-thinking action. It’s reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with its investments by seeking science-based support for projects that directly remove them from the air. To convince industry leaders to follow its lead, Triodos has adopted a no-nonsense voice of sober authority. Here’s what marketers can learn from Triodos’s persuasive public messaging. 

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Triodos sways audiences with a reliable voice

Triodos makes a case for sustainable finance by presenting itself as a trustworthy authority grounded in both scientific and financial expertise. Along the way, the company appeals to knowledgeable finance professionals who may be interested in sustainable finance, as well as nonprofit leaders and customers. To effectively back up its claims and reach the widest audience possible, Triodos consistently updates its website and social media feeds with compelling research and refreshingly personal testimonials.

In a recent blog post, the company dives into the dire ramifications of biodiversity loss: “The current rate of extinction of living species is tens to hundreds of times higher than the average over the past 10 million years.” 

No need for subtext: this is a matter of life and death. What’s more, Triodos harnesses data to back up its urgent, educational tone. Its compelling, science-backed narrative turns to the power of storytelling to persuade investors to open their wallets.

Raising capital where it matters most 

Triodos empowers its audience to put the planet first, transforming the way the world approaches both major investments and everyday banking. Whether a customer invests hundreds or hundreds of millions, Triodos wants people to know that their money has the power to make a difference.

Understanding motivation is key. Triodos is well aware that a financially savvy audience wants to know where their money is going, and how capital can advance sustainability. To maximize the impact of its messaging, Triodos not only shares where investments are directed, but also appeals to the economic benefits of banking with an institution that prioritizes sustainable finance. Data backs up every central claim—as does language. 

Consider this pithy punch to an already-strong message: “Live by your values. Bank on them too.”

Triodos’s audience knows they have the power to change the world—and that some of that power lives in their wallet. The company doesn’t mince words. It doesn’t exaggerate. It has a plan—and it’s presented with clarity, brevity, and confidence. 

Reaching skeptical audiences

As a trailblazer within sustainable finance, Triodos knows that transparency is of the essence. 

“We believe banks should be open—that’s why we publish details of every organization we lend to.” Messaging doesn’t get clearer than that.  

Triodos shares its data openly and frequently, establishing itself as an authority that investors can trust. With a facts-based approach to targeting the most energy-efficient investments, the company isn’t afraid of confusing or disillusioning its audience. 

All are welcome

Meet Georgina, a Triodos customer. She isn’t a finance professional or a nonprofit CEO. “I’m not a billionaire,” she explains. “But it’s important that I’m not putting my salary into something I don’t believe in.” 

With moving customer testimonials, Triodos shows that there’s room for everyone to make a difference. 

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Invest in strong messaging

Triodos Bank encourages the world to put its money where its mouth is. It doesn’t just do—it also inspires. With a powerful narrative, it motivates its audience to believe in a greater mission. 

“Be part of a different banking story,” Triodos encourages us. It’s building a cleaner, more sustainable world—one impactful investment at a time.

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Kelly Bachman

Kelly Bachman

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