Jetpacks and Contract Management: LinkSquares’ Inventive Copy

Who says contract management can’t be fun? Here’s how LinkSquares uses humorous, conversational, and future-focused copy to win over its B2B audience.

LinkSquares makes contract management convenient.

Contract management can be a headache for legal teams. For one thing, manual contract creation takes time, slowing down deals or even halting them entirely. Plus, the potential for human error can lengthen the ordeal further. Then, there’s the back-and-forth of the reviewing and signing process. With so many moving parts, staying organized and keeping track of these changing documents is challenging.

Enter the contract lifecycle management platform, a software system designed to manage the entire contract process, from creation to signing to keeping signed contracts organized and easily accessible for review. 

CLMs make the contract creation and signing process faster and more accurate than a manual process. Legal teams can pull up standardized templates instantly when writing contracts, avoiding copy-and-paste mishaps. Many CLMs feature e-signature integrations, so customers or partners can sign directly within the platform. Some even feature alerts for when a contract is signed. With a host of timesaving features, it’s no wonder the CLM market is projected to grow 3.5% between 2020 and 2030.

At the forefront of the industry is LinkSquares, a CLM aiming to “take your legal team into the 22nd century.” LinkSquares’ AI-powered, end-to-end platform boasts integrations with Salesforce and DocuSign–so customers can e-sign their contracts as soon as they receive them, making the closing process faster. 

But in addition to creating contracts in seconds, LinkSquares seems to have a knack for creating fun and futuristic marketing copy. Here we’ll examine their web copy and explore what makes their language so effective.

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Go back to the future

For those who forgot, we’re currently in the 21st century. The 22nd century begins with the year 2100, which is still 78 years away. And that’s where LinkSquares claims it will take your legal team. It’s their entire mission, in a nutshell.

Copy alluding to the future is the linchpin of LinkSquares’ branding. It can be found throughout their site, on almost every page. The language is tongue-in-cheek and a bit hyperbolic, making the “future” something we can easily picture if we rely on our memories of its depiction in movies, TV, and other pieces of pop culture. Think spaceships, jetpacks, and flying cars.

“Close deals at warp speed,” reads the home page. Warp speed is a phrase popularized by the sci-fi show Star Trek. It conjures up images of starships soaring faster than light itself. While traveling in a spaceship at warp speed may not be possible in our daily lives, it’s an idea we can easily visualize. It paints a much more exciting picture than saying, “Our software helps you close deals faster.”

Similarly, the website’s ultimate CTA evokes a campy future complete with jetpacks: “Ready to modernize–no, future-ize–your team? Strap on your jetpack and schedule a demo today.”

In a densely populated and competitive market, buyers want to ensure they choose the most advanced technology available for their team. By emphasizing “the future” in their copy, LinkSquares sends the message that they are here to stay. Their software isn’t a fad soon to be replaced by more advanced technology. They have a forward-focused mentality that will appeal to buyers looking for a contract management software solution that can stand the test of time.

Keep it human

Companies offering technology that relies on artificial intelligence face a unique advertising challenge: they have to convince buyers to trust the AI. To show that their AI isn’t a robot with a mind of its own, capable of taking the reins and causing chaos, LinkSquares emphasizes the humanity of their company in their language. For instance, with the tagline, “Contract management for humans. Powered by AI.”

LinkSquares emphasizes the benefits of their AI technology but makes it clear through their copy that humans are at the center of their operation. Their site chatbot—by now, a standard website feature—features an employee photo with a first and last name.

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Have a friendly conversation

Let’s face it. Legal contracts aren’t exactly light reading. It turns out the software created to manage them is pretty complex as well. To account for this, Linksquares keeps their copy conversational, adding in dashes of humor to keep the reader invested as they explain the functions of their platform. 

Here’s an example from a page explaining their contract storage offering:

“Extract insights, build reports, and collaborate seamlessly in a single centralized contract repository powered by AI. It’s the future of contract storage, and it’s awesome.”

That’s a lot of information distilled into a short blurb of copy. LinkSquares uses AI to store all your contracts, gather data, and build reports, all in one place? Luckily, LinkSquares gives the reader time to breathe with the conversational tone of the second sentence. 

LinkSquares keeps this conversational tone flowing, sprinkling in humorous asides in parentheses throughout their site. For instance, they claim their organizational capabilities and e-signature function allow “unparalleled contract visibility.” Then they follow this up with, “(That’s right, unparalleled).” With this small aside, LinkSquares pokes fun at the boldness of their wording but still stands by the claim.

Then there’s the quippy line at the bottom of the home page: “Want to see more about how it works? Of course you do. Here’s more about how it works.”

LinkSquares’ casual language and interjections of humor evoke the feeling of a trusted friend or colleague taking you through the benefits of contract management software. Although they are explaining advanced technology, LinkSquares keeps its copy fun and light–making their complex software simple for the reader to understand.

As we like to say at MarketSmiths, it’s important to humanize your copy, even (especially) if you’re in the B2B arena. CEOs, Ops Managers, and legal team members who visit the LinkSquares site don’t want to read boring jargon. By keeping things simple, conversational, and humorous, LinkSquares treats its B2B customers like the humans they are. 

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Caitlin McQuade

Caitlin McQuade

Caitlin is a theatre-person-turned-copywriter with a deep love for good storytelling. In her stint as a freelancer, she wrote everything from corporate blog copy to a screenplay adaptation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. When Caitlin isn’t writing, you can usually find her at a play or concert, checking out a new coffee shop, or exploring the city.

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