Kindbody: Putting the “Care” in Healthcare Copy

Couples struggling with fertility want care from a provider that actually cares. Kindbody uses inclusive, positive, and approachable messaging to position itself as an empathetic alternative to traditional healthcare.

Kindbody promotes great healthcare copy.

Trying to conceive can bring couples a lot of joy—and a healthy dose of fun. But for couples who get negative pregnancy tests month after month, the journey to conception can introduce a mountain of stress into their lives. Add to that the complex and frustrating U.S. healthcare system with its hidden costs and impersonal treatment of patients, and what should be the chance to connect with your body and partner to pave the way for new life can quickly become an overwhelming, counterproductive process.

For companies selling healthcare solutions, it’s crucial to thread the balance between validating your audience’s concerns and selling them on your offering. If you sell too hard, you can push customers away; if you don’t sell at all, they won’t engage with your products. When it comes to a sensitive subject like fertility, this is even more true.

Kindbody, a healthcare startup with a focus on fertility, wants to expand access to fertility and holistic care by leveraging technology to create greater transparency in the healthcare process. With approachable copy and content that educates couples on fertility issues and encourages self-care, Kindbody rebrands healthcare from arcane to accessible—and stands out as the fertility care of the future.

Get in touch with your audience’s deepest needs and validate them

“The family you’ve dreamed of, now within reach.” From the moment you land on the homepage, Kindbody creates an environment that’s conducive to conception. The tagline has a poetic ring to it, but more importantly, it places front and center three ideas central to Kindbody’s mission: family, dreams, and possibility. 

This is healthcare copy from a brand that knows and respects its audience. Couples who seek out Kindbody want a baby. Some of them have tried for a long time to conceive that baby. Kindbody’s healthcare copy validates these couples’ experiences from the outset. Unlike competitors’ landing pages—many of which tout their expertise or success, or highlight cost differentiators—Kindbody’s homepage focuses on the patient experience, leading with the benefits of its services, like how the company is “making healthcare accessible” and offering couples “family-building care in modern, tech-enabled clinics.” And for a primary audience of millennials, who want brands to align with their values, accessibility and innovation matter. 

By centering the patient in its copy, Kindbody sends the message that its fertility services are less about Kindbody and more about the patient. One of its key differentiators is providing holistic care in addition to fertility services. The website details Kindbody’s holistic offerings under the header, “Caring for the whole you”—implying fertility care is a deeply personal experience, and that each patient is a whole person, not just a number. The invitation to “Find support on our platform throughout your journey” signals that the company values couples’ unique perspectives and needs.

Kindbody’s empathetic healthcare copy meets audiences where they are, accepts them for who they are, and helps guide them to where they want to be.

Build trust and loyalty through authentic, relatable language

In an era of convoluted healthcare, Kindbody has emerged as an alternative to the status quo. 

“Everyone should have access to convenient, affordable fertility and family-building care,” the company declares in its belief statement. With transparency at the core of its mission to “make the process of going to the doctor more intuitive and empowering,” Kindbody dedicates significant website real estate to detailing its services and pricing. Couples can see how much a single session of IVF will cost, without having to guess or wait and see. They know upfront the costs of IUI and frozen embryo transfer, and what these procedures involve. Through this commitment to transparency—of pricing, information, and processes—Kindbody builds trust with its audience and attracts a larger, more diverse patient base. 

But Kindbody doesn’t just close its eyes, cross its fingers, and hope patient trust builds passively. The company says plainly, in approachable healthcare copy, that inclusivity is a primary goal. “Kindbody’s mission is to make fertility and family-building services more accessible to individuals, couples, and LGBTQ+ people,” the company states on its Insurance & Financing page. “We’ve created a platform where we can provide care to anyone—with or without insurance—saving you valuable time and money.” 

This platform, which relies in large part on telehealth and virtual sessions, helps Kindbody provide more cost-effective services than many of its competitors. The company has invested heavily in technology and leverages social media for marketing, further aligning the brand with its millennial audience.

Kindbody’s real staying power, though, lies in its steadfast mission to democratize healthcare—and the language through which it’s communicated. In Kindbody’s voice, “physical therapy” becomes “body movement”; “telehealth” becomes “virtual guidance and support.” Kindbody understands its audience and the fractured relationship that many patients have with the traditional healthcare industry. By leaning into terms like “wellness,” “exploration,” and “healing,” Kindbody makes its audience feel seen, cared for, and supported. And when audiences feel this way, not only do they come back—they spread the word.

A startup became a healthcare star

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Convey the benefits of your brand with positive messaging 

Kindbody insists in its healthcare copy that fertility care should be for everyone. The message is embedded in the company name, reminding hopeful mothers that they deserve healthcare that’s kind to their bodies. Not only does Kindbody offer healthcare as a service, the brand invites patients to practice self-care by choosing a provider that validates their unique experience and identity.

Although Kindbody’s mission is in reaction to a broken system, the company’s voice carries a positive message of hope and possibility. In promising “care beyond the four walls of the clinic,” Kindbody emphasizes the preeminent role healthcare plays in our daily lives, and signals to patients that their concerns and desires matter not just during a half-hour appointment, but throughout their “personal health journey.”

For couples struggling to conceive and hoping for a positive test each month, knowing their fertility provider sees them not as a number but as a human being can give them the trust and confidence they need to keep trying. 

Building this kind of trust isn’t easy—and demands a strong messaging strategy that your team may not be able to implement on its own.Our staff at MarketSmiths understands how to connect with audiences and make them feel seen and understood. We’ve worked with some of the top healthcare providers and healthcare service companies in the nation to help them better relate to their customers through empathetic, human-focused copy.

Want help conceiving copy that shows your audience you care—and that builds lasting relationships with customers? Contact the MarketSmiths team today.

Erin McGuff-Pennington

Erin McGuff-Pennington

A native Texan, Erin spent years performing in the theater before returning to her first love, writing. She believes stellar copy can make a brand’s voice as dynamic and unforgettable as an Oscar-winning performance, and for her, landing on that perfect word is nothing short of thrilling. Erin finds joy in crowded bookshelves, her spirited family, writing her novel, and dancing her heart out.

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