Mobile Health For All: DocGo’s Driven Web Copy

DocGo strives to humanize its mobile health services—and it uses mission-driven copy to drive its point home.

DocGo adds mission-driven copy to mobile health.

Receiving essential healthcare services shouldn’t be a hassle. 

Unfortunately, it’s common for people to face unwarranted challenges when seeking treatment, from long waits in the emergency room and overwhelming hospital bills to short-sighted, one-dimensional care. In recent years, many startups have tried to address this issue and disrupt the status quo—whether by promoting accessibility via technologies like telehealth or even reshaping the industry as a whole.

DocGo aims to (literally) bring healthcare home, humanizing and revolutionizing the industry by “delivering mobile health, reaching patients where they live, and going the last mile to connect care through a more human experience.” 

With driven and determined web copy, it fosters a sense of urgency for its readers—maintaining a fine balance between loud and intense, versus calm and informative. Its goal is simple: demonstrate an authentic passion for improving human lives, and pioneer the way towards more equitable care. 

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DocGo mixes boldness with humanization

Right off the bat, DocGo declares its mission with unwavering determination: 

Where telehealth providers stop, we go. Where the homebound benefit from onsite treatment, we go. Where long waits in busy emergency rooms do more harm than good, we go. And when all reason says it can’t be done, we do what we always do, we go.

The mobile health company highlights some common bottlenecks that people face in healthcare, then boldly leaps over them. Even a recent innovation like telehealth has its limits—but DocGo offers solutions that go beyond them. By repeating the phrase “we go,” DocGo puts a heavy emphasis on its commitment to serve patients who don’t have the resources to access certain services. It aims to meet people where they are and provide necessary care in the comfort of their own homes. 

After this explosive start, it calms its energy to describe its method:  

Telehealth is great, but it’s created gaps between physicians and patients. We close those gaps with a human touch. At DocGo, our team puts care on the ground for vital procedures, comprehensive evaluations, and meaningful diagnostics.

DocGo balances its strong and decisive presence with a more informational explanation, and shifts momentarily away from its bolder tone. It takes the time to explore the problems presented in its previous statement, but goes deeper into how exactly it solves the problem at hand: by elevating mobile health with humanization and direct care.

Instead of strictly communicating with patients via phone or video calls, or requiring in-person visits for diagnosis and treatment, DogGo deploys healthcare professionals to their houses or even their workplaces. It quite literally goes the extra mile to help people get the care they need—wherever and whenever they need it. In a day and age where health services are often inaccessible, this makes a world of difference. 

People are at the heart of DocGo’s mission

It can often be difficult for a company to speak urgently without coming across as overly enthusiastic or aggressive. But by placing its patients front and center, DocGo validates its distinct voice. 

For instance, the headers on its Social Impact page take a similar approach to its mission statement: “For people, we go. For the earth, we go. For society, we go.” This repetition, already used in the landing page copy, serves the same purpose here: conveying the urgency of DocGo’s mission and emphasizing the strength of its commitment. DocGo shows up for the individual by serving those who don’t always have access to quality care, especially those from under-resourced populations. At the same time, it looks at the bigger picture and demonstrates how it contributes to a better world all around: using fuel-efficient vehicles to curb emissions, or prioritizing ethics and compliance within the company for a healthier, safer work environment.  

Its 2021-2022 Social Impact and Sustainability Report also explains: 

Our innovative service model is designed to deliver the last mile of health care and through that, we bring care to communities and populations that have historically had less access to care. We purposefully seek to bring care where it’s needed, and work with government agencies, nonprofits and health systems who share our vision of a healthier, more equitable future in healthcare.

Again, DocGo has tangible decisions behind its words. It doesn’t shy away from the details, but actively embraces them to prove where—and to whom—it’s willing to go if it means tackling others’ healthcare woes. 

DocGo also uses a more measured, less strident tone in order to convey a sense of professionalism that assertive copy doesn’t always deliver. The report doesn’t back down from DocGo’s mission, but proves it through concrete action.

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The future is bright with mobile health 

Fighting for health equity is not an overnight feat—but every action counts, no matter how big or small. DocGo and its mobile health services pave a more hopeful and accessible path for patients of all backgrounds.  

Authoritative but not haughty, and direct but not overly simplistic, DocGo speaks to its audience with unbridled conviction. It’s easy to feel inspired by DocGo’s tenacity and strong sense of purpose, and see that the future of equitable care is, in fact, made bright by those who are unafraid to bring change—no matter what it takes. 

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Shi-won Oh

Shi-won Oh

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