More Than Good Slogans: The High Bar of Effective Copywriting

Slogans help your brand stand out. But in order to thrive, you need good marketing copy all around. Here are two companies that master effective marketing slogans, and what you can learn from them.

Effective marketing slogans help, but aren't sufficient.

What makes a good slogan? Most people know one when they see one—short, catchy, and easy to remember. Brands with effective marketing slogans stand out from the competition because they stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds. 

Like a song that gets stuck in your head, effective marketing slogans are instantly recognizable. But the best brands know that good slogans aren’t all it takes to really make an impact—you need good marketing copy all around. Capital One and Nike are examples of enterprises that combine effective marketing slogans with comprehensive strategies to connect with their audiences and stay at the forefront of their respective markets. 

Nike’s “Just Do It,” along with the iconic swoosh logo is everywhere: on its website, packaging, clothing, and various ad campaigns. Just one look is enough to make Nike stand out whenever you come across it. Together with promotions from professional athletes and motivational speakers, it creates a strong, unified brand. 

Since 2000, Capital One has promoted their financial services to consumers by asking the question “What’s in Your Wallet?” The question—posed in commercials by celebrities including Jennifer Garner, Samuel L. Jackson, and Eugene Levy—is catchy because it’s simple, even laconic. And the answer is obvious: what’s in my wallet? A Capital One card, of course. 

But how exactly are these brands connecting with their audience in a way that draws them to their products—and what can marketers learn from them?

Learn why the best return on your marketing dollar comes from copywriting.

Nike attracts its audience by telling a story  

Nike remains a dominant force in the sports apparel industry as consumer interests shift towards athletic health and wellness trends. Whether you’re a first-time marathoner or a high-performance athlete, Nike speaks to your fitness goal. The “Just Do It” campaign, launched in 1987, resonates across audiences. It fosters a sense of belonging and encourages people to reach for stronger and faster goals.

But Nike doesn’t stop there. A look at its website makes it clear that Nike understands the importance of storytelling. A scroll through the homepage and your screen is flooded with images of major athletes sporting Nike products, mixed with motivational copy like “We Are Never Done” and “Our Strength Is In Our Culture.” Through these effective marketing slogans, Nike inspires ordinary people to meet their athletic goals—whatever they may be. 

While inspiring shoppers to dream big and believe they can achieve the impossible, the brand also sells usability and endurance balanced with affordability. While customers always want the best possible products at a reasonable price, they also want to feel like part of a community. Through Nike Journal, a dedicated space for coaching and culture articles from professional athletes to prodigies and the people, places and teams that “bring us together,” Nike plays a part in their customers’ everyday lives. 

Consumers may be drawn to Nike by the iconic “Just Do It,” but they stay for the spirit shown across its website.  

Stay optimistic to gain trust–and do it time and time again

Although it’s the nation’s sixth-largest bank, Capital One succeeds because it doesn’t act like a bank. Its goal is to “Reimagine Banking” by leading with a unique digital experience. By asking its customers “What’s in Your Wallet?” the brand not only starts a conversation with its audience, but also positions itself as a partner in its customer’s ongoing banking journey. Capital One knows the importance of being there for customers in their times of need, and brings a unique human approach beyond traditional banking needs. 

With effective marketing slogans like “Your credit score is worth protecting,” Capital One makes it easier for its customers to understand the complexities that come with banking. Unlike most banks, Capital One customers regularly walk away happy and satisfied. Delighting customers is a win for both parties, but Capital One’s human approach doesn’t stop there. Most known for its extensive list of travel credit cards, Capital One’s website is filled with content made to help its customers thrive in every stage of their lives. From travel packing tips to explaining credit to kids and teenagers, Capital One’s “Learn & Grow” provides inspirational stories and simple financial advice that empowers its customers’ to learn, grow and focus on what matters. Capital One is dedicated to “helping foster a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to prosper,” and their marketing copy shows it. 

If Jennifer Garner hooked you into checking out Capital One’s services, its never-ending commitment to empowering its customers made you stay. 

TrendSpider’s website combines wit with reason.

A data platform for financial traders, TrendSpider used clever AI technology to boost performance and make day trading more effective. Unfortunately, its old website buried the platform’s true value in industry jargon. Unfazed, MarketSmiths dove headfirst into the industry specifics. We combined targeted questions with platform demos, research, and even a brief foray into day trading. All this hard work soon paid off. TrendSpider’s finished website threads wit through reason, enticing visitors to explore all the platform has to offer—while its ingenious use of AI are getting traders to return time and time again.

Keep showing up so good things can happen

Both Nike and Capital One make it clear that, while effective marketing slogans help a brand stand out and engage its audiences, it’s up to website copy to take care of the rest. These campaigns work because they have a strong vision of how they want their customers to feel about their products. Customer experience is the foundation of any good marketing strategy, something that Nike and Capital One clearly understand. 

Your brand needs a concise and catchy phrase used across your brand and marketing materials, but don’t stop there. Whether you “Just Do It” or “Learn & Grow,” make sure your copy sticks in consumers’ minds. 

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Christina Rasmussen

Christina Rasmussen

A native Bostonian, Christina has written for newspapers up and down the north shore of Boston before joining MarketSmiths. When she’s not writing or honing her craft, you can find her dabbling in the foodie scene and learning all there is to know about the royals.

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