NotCo: Making a Splash Among Competitors

Plant-based meat has never sounded more delicious. NotCo is turning the heads of meat-lovers and vegans alike, with playful, optimistic, and informative copy that gets readers excited about trying a plant-based diet.

NotCo's copy sells sustainable food production.

When done well, flavorful food writing evokes the senses, and often makes your mouth water. That goes for writing that tries to promote sustainable food production, too. NotCo, a startup selling plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, successfully sparks interest and appetite through thoughtful web copy that informs and entices audiences. “Yes, your taste buds will deceive you. Every delicious, mouthwatering mouthful is made by 100% plants. Prepare to have your mind blown.”

NotCo’s interactive website dotted with unique graphics and stellar, informative copy sparks interest and excitement among audiences and demonstrates how NotCo is a step above other companies working in sustainable food production. The brand stands strong with quick, modern copy that gets mouths watering. Their confident and assertive tone that instantly engages and intrigues audiences. “Tastes like milk. But it’s not.” 

NotCo keeps their product descriptions short yet visceral, avoiding overly technical detail and unnecessary filler and providing readers with short, delectable descriptions that are full of flavor. Their NotChicken patty is “Crispy. Juicy. Delicious. NotChicken.” Their NotBurger is “Messy. Sizzly. Burger. Unexpectedly plant-based.” And of course, NotMilk “sips, slurps and pours just like milk.” 

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NotCo offers fresh flavor in every word

Snappy and descriptive, NotCo sells their plant-based products through a playful tone of voice. “A plant-based milk that tastes like mmm… milk. A plant-based chicken that is better than chicken. A plant-based burger that oozes like beef.” It’s a technique that goes back to Renaissance poets, making a paradoxical equation of two diametrically opposed alternatives. And in the case of NotCo, it shows you that just because your food is a substitute doesn’t mean it can’t taste like the real thing. Neat, huh?

But leaning too heavily into that angle might alienate some readers. It’s clear that NotCo isn’t afraid to say what they’re not. “Plant powered. Milk inspired. Not Milk.” In fact, NotCo highlights the fact that their products are better for the planet without ever compromising on taste, texture, or looks. “It’s the food you love, but better,” they say: their products aren’t just a replacement, they’re an improvement. Plant-based, sustainable food production is a lasting solution to the negative effects that the meat industry has on the environment. NotCo reminds readers that each sip or bite of their products does good. “Made of 100% plant goodness, that helps the planet with every delicious mouthful.”

Modern and imaginative, the NotCo brand isn’t afraid to veer from traditional marketing methods. In fact, they even incorporate emojis in their webcopy. “Say 👋 to NotMilk™. It sips, slurps and froths like milk, but it’s made from 100% plants. That’s why we say it’s milk, but not.” NotCo thinks outside the box, with creative marketing strategies that remain playful yet informative. “Mouth watering, plant powered, and vegan,” they say: it’s not just a statement of their values, it’s an enticement.

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It may be faux meat, but it comes with real solutions 

NotCo harnesses the power of optimistic copy when discussing their brand’s mission. “In plants we trust,” goes their motto, raising their basic ingredients to a divine level. “If we want our planet to survive, we have to change the way our food is made. We’re here to do that, one delicious mouthful at a time.” It’s not always easy to talk about climate change, especially considering its severe consequences for many people around the world. 

NotCo, however, successfully informs readers on the environmental effects of the meat industry, while also offering an exciting solution with its sustainable food production. “Plant-based food has a considerably smaller impact on our planet,” they explain. “So when you choose NotCo, every sip, slurp, and bite is getting us one step closer to a better planet.”

Their AI chef, Giuseppe, is part of what makes NotCo such a unique brand. “Here’s the thing: eating animal products harms our planet,” they say, again affirming the need for sustainable food production. “So, we created an AI who can recreate the taste & texture of animal products using 100% plants. Oh, and he’s called Giuseppe (or Genius G).” Giuseppe analyzes “the product structure of animal based products at a molecular level” to then “replicate it using only plant-based goodness” and enhance NotCo’s sustainable food production. 

With their friendly and informative tone, NotCo spins complicated AI technology into an interesting and enjoyable story that readers can grasp. They educate their audience about Giuseppe through interesting anecdotes, fun facts, and unique graphics. “Did you know that our first NotMilk was green?” they cheerfully admit. “When we first started, Giuseppe didn’t know that adding dill into a recipe would change its entire color, so we had to teach him to understand colors as well. Now, it knows that adding dill to a recipe will affect color and considers that in all future developments.” The decision to humanize their AI machine helps make their technology feel approachable, even lovable.

With a great mission, and excellent webcopy to match, NotCo is a brilliant example of the future of sustainable food production. Every bite of NotCo is “helping the planet, one delicious mouthful at a time.” 

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Zoe Tanner

Zoe Tanner

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