On the Money: How Cleanspark Humanizes Sustainable Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin has provoked both enthusiasm and environmental concerns, but CleanSpark is driving a greener approach through sustainable bitcoin mining. With an optimistic perspective and accessible copy, CleanSpark empowers and uplifts its audience.

Cleanspark's copy humanizes sustainable bitcoin mining.

CleanSpark is in the business of bitcoin mining, an industry rising in popularity, profitability, and controversy. As bitcoin sweeps the globe—punctuating national headlines, online debates, and casual conversations—this company strives to set the standard for sustainable bitcoin mining through renewable energy technology.

Bitcoin mining isn’t the first industry to house companies on a mission to reduce their environmental impact. But unlike established fields like food and energy, bitcoin mining is relatively young. And with potential gross margins of 90% for miners using inexpensive power sources, its popularity isn’t likely to fade anytime soon. 

The industry’s energy consumption has sparked a heated controversy about bitcoin mining’s long-term environmental impact. Some see bitcoin mining as a wasteful, inefficient, and environmentally harmful practice: as of 2021, the industry consumes the annual energy equivalent of a small country

CleanSpark’s commitment to sustainable bitcoin mining charts a middle ground between the environmental advocates and bitcoin champions. The company harnesses a combination of wind, solar, nuclear, and hydroelectric power, and buys carbon offsets to compensate for any discrepancies. In doing so, CleanSpark aims for complete net carbon neutrality, 

But redirecting such a polarizing debate isn’t easy. To sway the industry and make a real impact, CleanSpark has developed a marketing strategy that reflects its mission and inspires action. “Bitcoin mining for a better world,” its homepage promises. Driven by empathetic, inspiring copy, CleanSpark invites us to reimagine bitcoin mining from the ground up. Let’s dive in.

Make the audience’s struggles your own

CleanSpark’s copy places its audience at the heart of its business. “Our Energy Systems Are Designed for You,” its website boldly declares. Though the world of cryptocurrency may seem closed off and technical, CleanSpark discusses the subject with warmth and humanity. 

CleanSpark empathizes with the challenges faced by its audience, bringing people together under the umbrella of shared values and concerns. From the get-go, CleanSpark spotlights common struggles by employing a strong first-person narrative that establishes empathy and strengthens its mission. “We’re fellow citizens of the world,” the website offers. “[We’re] experiencing the same energy, environmental, and economic challenges that you are.” 

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Place the energy technology center stage—and make it understandable

Bitcoin isn’t just a provocative topic—it’s also confusing. When terms like “blockchain” and “hashrate” start getting bandied around, some have to fight the instinct to run the other way. But CleanSpark makes the topic—and its mission—accessible to all, including the industry’s newcomers. 

CleanSpark provides comprehensive bitcoin education, clearly describes its mission and offerings, and facilitates open discussions of sustainable bitcoin mining technology. With simple language and short sentences, CleanSpark breaks a complex process down into small, comprehensible parts. Its website copy educates its audience and makes bitcoin approachable—without assuming a patronizing tone.

A bitcoin miner uses specialized computers to verify transactions on the bitcoin blockchain,” the site explains. “Bitcoin mining makes the promise of decentralized currencies, like bitcoin, possible. Without mining, there would be no bitcoin.” 

This strategy extends beyond web copy. To counteract its audience’s potential skepticism or intimidation, the company harnesses its marketing platforms to build a steady stream of accessible, explanatory material. On CleanSpark’s Twitter account, a number of videos of CEO Zach Bradford and other company representatives explore the bitcoin mining process and new mining innovations. 

In today’s digital marketing age, a single tweet can illustrate an entire marketing strategy. Matthew Schultz, CleanSpark’s Executive Chairman, put it best: “#transparency is key.”

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Redirect and inspire through a future-focused outlook

Driven by head-turning humanization, CleanSpark sets a new sustainability standard. Crucially, it also manages to maintain an optimistic voice while wading through potentially contentious topics. 

Drawing on the fresh connotations of its name, CleanSpark presents itself as the catalyst of a brighter, cleaner future. Rather than lingering on present problems, it emphasizes solutions that can propel the industry forward. “Dwelling on the past can’t change the future,” its website states. “Actions can. CleanSpark keeps the future in mind by helping people prepare for it today.” 

The result is powerful: CleanSpark’s copy fuels a new, transformative approach to a burgeoning industry. Coated in resounding optimism, its voice inspires confidence in a motivated, flexible player that’s revolutionizing the sustainable bitcoin mining space.

In an industry crowded with fellow bitcoin miners, CleanSpark stands out. Its eagerness to provide transparency is refreshing—as is its commitment to building a more sustainable approach to mining. While others may profess speed, ease of use, or efficiency, CleanSpark takes it one step further: genuine, solutions-oriented empathy for the world around us.

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Olivia Civiletti

Olivia Civiletti

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