How AgroStar Humanized UX Copywriting to Transform AgTech

Indian farmers need new solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Learn how AgroStar turned to friendly, to-the-point copy to build genuine connections with its audience—a must in today’s digital world.

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Technology, as complicated as it is, fuels us in a startlingly simple way: we just can’t live without it. After all, it’s a ubiquitous force that powers our daily lives, from our smartphone apps to our coffee makers. For better or worse, it’s everywhere—and its presence is only growing. 

That’s true for us, at least—not for everyone. For many, accessibility is a complicated obstacle—one that prevents everyday consumers from integrating the technology they need into their daily lives. Beyond the intricacies of supply and pricing, mere understanding—that is, familiarity with the nature of technology itself—presents a daunting challenge to those in less digitized communities. 

In rural India, where technology is just beginning to take root, that’s especially true. AgroStar, a leading agriculture technology (AgTech) start-up based in Pune, India, is harnessing modern cloud technology and machine learning—as well as more traditional methods, such as contact centers and brick-and-mortar stores—to improve omnichannel access to valuable knowledge and products. 

Here, we’ll examine AgroStar’s people-centered approach to UX copywriting, or copywriting that guides users through digital interfaces in a focused, intuitive manner. This radical strategy has attracted worldwide attention by opening new doors for communities in need of better, more transformative technology.

Accessibility infuses language with power

Agriculture has long been a staple industry in India, one of the world’s largest producers of milk, legumes, spices, and livestock. A staggering 70 percent of rural households depend on farming to survive, yet its share of GDP has gradually fallen over the last several decades. Thanks to resource-intensive and unsustainable production, land degradation, and socioeconomic shifts, Indian agriculture is struggling to keep pace with the rapid industrialization shaping the rest of the country.

Enter AgroStar. Equipped with an inclusive mission and easy-to-navigate interface, the AgTech leader is “Helping Farmers Win,” a bold promise to resurrect an industry that’s in desperate need of a revolution. What sets it apart, exactly, and what can marketers learn from its one-of-a-kind approach?

It’s simple—literally. AgroStar’s UX copywriting is refreshingly easy to digest, fueled by plain and friendly language that intuitively frames challenges and solutions. AgroStar’s unassuming copy affirms farmers as humans, many of whom are burdened by knowledge gaps and accessibility issues. Technology can and will change lives for the better—and all farmers, including those who are just now learning the basics of smartphones, can benefit from that promise. 

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AgroStar is reimagining impactful copy—and it’s simpler than you’d think

“Leading the Indian AgTech Revolution,” its homepage boldly declares. AgroStar “[Works] for Impact” by “touching [the] lives of Indian farmers.”

That focus on the end customer—farmers—is evident in its intuitive approach to UX copywriting and design. Eye-catching statistics immediately follow the banner and introduction: 

  • 5 states
  • 5 million+ farmers 
  • 15 million [provided advice]

Right away, prospective customers are drawn in by AgroStar’s sheer reach—a testament to its broad appeal and accessible services. 

Consider its solutions overview, too. Also readily available on the homepage, this panel employs succinct language—a single sentence for each solution—that frames digestible, to-the-point explanations. AgroStar uses straightforward adjectives to keep users engaged:

  • “Progressive” 
  • “Good” 
  • “Closer”
  • “Faster” 

Beyond accessibility and inclusivity, it makes sense: on a personal and visceral level, most people think of their own problems—and imagine potential solutions—in “simple” terms. AgroStar, by capitalizing on the fundamentals of human connection, seeks to speak to users from the heart.

Intuitive organization makes UX copy even better

AgroStar’s layout—both its UX design and the copywriting it frames—ensures customers understand exactly what it does. That’s a major win for its audience, which includes farmers who are less familiar with—and may even be suspicious of—modern technology.

The company’s individual solutions pages bring this strategy to life. Each one is laid out the exact same way: following a clear description of the “challenge,” the “solution” section precisely details the functions and advantages of specific products and services. Some even offer step-by-step process flows to better facilitate understanding. Warm photos of everyday action—a smiling woman at a call center, screenshots of visually driven smartphone apps, and fully stocked company stores—punctuate the copy and diagrams. 

Take the Farm Advisory Solutions page, for example. Its “challenge” section recognizes the family-centered origins of Indian farming, whose practices are passed down from one generation to the next. But poor yields mean farmers need new, progressive practices and technology—such as AgroStar’s multilingual mobile app, which processes more than 70 million data points each month to continually improve advisory services. 

Thanks to an intuitive approach to organization and layout, users of all kinds can understand exactly how AgroStar’s app works. On the same page, a visually pleasing “Problem, Solution, Result” diagram guides users through the app’s thought process, each stage accompanied by screenshots of a clean, social-media-esque interface. AgroStar’s approach ensures a positive user experience—one that caters to farmers of all technological backgrounds.

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A human-centered approach breathes new life into omnichannel accessibility

AgroStar’s UX copywriting isn’t just unpretentious—it’s also deeply people-driven. Its copy doesn’t center around the subtleties of state-of-the-art technology (though it certainly doesn’t leave them out, either). Instead, it acknowledges the difficulties farmers face on a daily basis, gently guiding them through processes driven by life-changing products and services.

Even the most traditional farmers are willing to embrace positive change—if they feel understood and appreciated. “At the grassroots level… we have been witness to farmers’ voices and what [farmers] truly seek,” its Omnichannel Access page states. Thanks to its digital channels, the company was able to “make deeper inroads into the traditional mindsets of farmers,” which allowed it to “gain their trust.” In turn, AgroStar was able to hear “the stories, the woes, and the common asks of [its] farmers, and [to understand] their challenges better.” At the end of the day, prioritizing genuine connection—where customers are seen and heard as humans, not just customers—can revolutionize traditional marketing strategies. 

This approach can also radically reimagine the way audiences view omnichannel accessibility. Beyond its apps, live streams, and video library, AgroStar offers its customers access to Asia’s largest agronomy call center, staffed by hundreds of expert “Agri Doctors,” and more than a thousand brick-and-mortar stores. 

“For our set of customers,” AgroStar states, “human connection is extremely important and necessary.” Despite the challenges they share, farmers are unique, with their own distinct preferences and relationships with technology. For many, call centers and stores feel more intimate; for others, smartphone apps offer the same experience. AgroStar meets farmers where they are—online, over the phone, or in person—to guide them toward the solutions they need.

A more inclusive world of technology awaits

As technology continues to evolve, our learning curve will only steepen. For those dipping their toes into the world of modern electronics, that’s truer than ever—which means marketers need new, outside-the-box strategies to sway them. 

What can brands learn from AgroStar? Try simple, to-the-point UX copywriting and design—even when the technology in question is far from simple. An intuitive layout helps, especially when paired with the right copy. Lastly, never underestimate the power of human connection: after all, at the end of the day, we all just want to be understood. AgroStar, despite its millions of dollars in funding and shiny AI tools, boils itself down to one thing: people.

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